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hardware and software questions and answers pdf

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What is SATA? and Complex instruction Set Computer (CisC. Packaging is the process of connecting a microprocessor with a computers motherboard. 3) Missing slot covers on a computer can cause? 20 seconds . found mostly in ultraportable devices, such as netbooks, cell phones and tablet PCs, according to intel. But output devices are used to get the result back from the computer. the number of processor support, RAM slots ,Expansion card slots etc…are more. What is IEEE 1394 interface? What is PCI slot? intel Core i7 900-series uses LGA1366 socket and Core i5 CPUs–all three run on intel’s latest P55 chipset and LGA1156 socket. 61. Which is the memory packaging suitable for a sub-note book system? So that usually we call motherboard a “motherboard”. the most important electronic component on the computer. How is different from PCI Express (PCI-E)? IEEE 1394 replaced parallel SCSI in many applications, because of lower implementation costs and a simplified, more adaptable cabling system. Test Your Answer Click Option Button. AMD Athlon 64, AMD Athlon 64FX and AMD Athlon 64 X2. 45. Answers of mcqs r not available. Celeron Aside from speed, another great advantage over IDE and SATA is that the SCSI card can connect 15 or more devices in a daisy chain. the Front Side Bus connects the CPU to main memory. Solved examples with detailed answer description. Since 2004 AGP has been progressively phased out in favor of PCI Express (PCIe). 28. Top hardware questions and answers. What is SODIMM memory module? 13. DDR2 is the successor to DDR RAM. Terms And Conditions For Downloading eBook You are not allowed to upload these documents and share on other websites execpt social networking sites. Cisco IT Essentials (ITE v6.0 and version 7.0 7.01) Exam Answers Collection 100%, Test Online, PDF File Download scribd, 2019 2020 2021 Update Lasted Version For intel it is intel Core i7 and AMD Opteron 6200 Series processor. 53. What is Hyper Threading? to fit into a motherboard. What is Switching Mode Power Supply? the device is not detected or disabled. 60. It the integral part of everyday life. What is a storage device? 27. the lowest performing Pentium 4 processor, the Willamette, has an L2 cache of 256kb, a potential 2.0 GHz clock speed and runs at about 1.7V. A hard disk is divided into tracks which are further subdivided into: A wrist grounding strap contains which of the following: Which standard govern parallel communications? This is classified mainly into three Desktop, Laptop and Server motherboard. Question . 30. 98. Most commonly all low cost graphics cards are using it. It converts general-purpose alternating current (AC. A metal bridge that closes an electrical circuit. 67. This is a switch used to eliminate the accidental deletion of data from the floppy. c. intel E7500 Chipset- a volume chipset supports dual-processor (DP. A number of integrated circuits designed to perform one or more related functions. 4) When installing PCI NICS you can check the IRQ availability by looking at, 5) With respect to a network interface card, the term 10/100 refers to, 6) Which Motherboard form factor uses one 20 pin connector. False. Front Side Bus. On PCs, the ninth chip is often used for parity error checking. Tags: Question 2 . 97. 31. In a virtual office, a legal professional can access much the same application software and documents/records from a court room or hotel room as if the person were sitting at his or her desk/office. To make the system cool and more functioning. Before doing so we have to make sure that the processor we want to use for your upgrade is physically compatible with the socket on your computer’s motherboard. What are the differences between hardware and software? 51. What is BIOS beep code? It is also known as RAM. • Monitor. Physical parts of a computer...such as the keyboard and monitor. It is used to supply power to HDD, CD Drive, DVD Drive etc…. All the best! Which is the socket used by intel Core i7 and i5 processors? What is the advantage if a processor with more cache memory you are using? What is Upgrading a microprocessor? How can you format a floppy? a. What are the latest Processor of intel and AMD? What is Cache memory? But mainframes are huge computers, most commonly occupying entire rooms or floor. these types of processors have been found in many personal computers since 1993. 42. What are the differences between intel Celeron and Pentium family of Processors? It is the secondary storage media. Generally, Computer hardware are the physical parts or components of a computer, such as the monitor, keyboard, computer data storage, graphic card, … 99. is there is USB HDD? Most serial ports on personal computers conform to the RS-232C or RS-422 standards. What is its use? Serial ATA was designed to replace the older parallel ATA (PATA. Required fields are marked *. the size of conventional memory is 640KB. Alternatively referred to as an expansion port, an expansion slot is a slot located inside a computer on the motherboard or riser board that allows additional boards to be connected to it. Solved computer quiz questions answers MCQs in pdf books by Carvaan Book Publishers download. Jumpers may be configured to over clock the CPU. 75. Computer Hardware MCQs Questions and Answers [with Pdf]: Here learn mcq questions on computer hardware and also download pdf for this mcqs.

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