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Combattant de la Rébellion. Rex replied that they should instead be worried about what he did not find. However, Cham and his companions then turned on the Spectres and stunned them. [65], After Zeb and Ezra returned, Kanan and the other crew of the Ghost including Hera and Sabine watched the ceremony's proceedings. Awaiting for his answer on the Ghost, Jarrus opened the holocron and played Obi-Wan Kenobi's full message. Kanan Jarrus (nacido como Caleb Dume) es un tipo de Caballero Jedi en la serie de Disney XD, Star Wars Rebels y es también un miembro de la tripulación del Espíritu. Having discovered a safe route through the star cluster, the crew of the Ghost then returned into the known galaxy.[65]. It was Chopper who ultimately destroyed the final TIE, and his efforts were recognized by the two organics before the ship blasted into hyperspace. Ceci mit la zizanie chez les impériaux qui tentèrent de fuir avec les caisses. Le bombardement provoqua la chute de la passerelle sur Hera. While Kanan and Rex provided covering fire, Ezra advanced forwards to collapse the catwalk on the droids. After they parted, Jarrus bade farewell to Myder in her new home, and Syndulla accepted his proposal to become a crew member of her ship, the Ghost.[8]. When Kanan protested, Bendu explained that he would never regain his sight but that he could teach him to use his other senses. In Arabic, the word kanan means trader or merchant. Ce chef d'un gang local appelé les Sarlaccs avait déjà tenté de délester Kanan de ses crédits à plus d'une reprise. Following their landing at Yavin 4's Great Temple, they were summoned by Mothma to a briefing. 118 likes. Jarrus watching as Tarkin's orders to destroy the tower are carried out. Il les mit à mal, mais ils parvinrent à s'échapper avec la précieuse navette. Elles appelèrent le Ghost peu après, alors que Kanan méditait, en leur demanda de l'aide car elle était bloqué sur un astéroïde, PM-1203. Through Garson, Jarrus got a job as freighter pilot carrying baradium bisulfate for Moonglow Polychemical between Gorse and its moon, Cynda. The salvage team then used grappling guns to transfer the proton bombs and treasure aboard the Ghost. Our beloved Captain Rex from The Clone Wars, good old CT-7567, ... which led him to tracking down Jedi Kanan Jarrus and his Padawan Ezra Bridger. They were searching for the legendary world of Lira San, which was purported to be a safe refuge for the Lasat. [27], Over the course of several weeks, he helped—along with the rest of the crew—Bridger to build his own lightsaber. The blasts ignited several of the bombs which succeeded in taking out one of the AT-ATs. As Kanan meditated, Kanan then listened to Gerrera's speech about the Alliance's unwillingness to destroy Jalindi Station. Toutefois, Caleb ayant compris que l'ennemi se trouvait sur le toit du Temple se rua dans les couloirs pour le rattraper. However, the pair were caught by the guards, and Kasmir betrayed Dume in exchange for the IG-RM droids. Once inside the transport, Jarrus embraced Syndulla, and together with the rest of the crew, boarded the Ghost. He also counselled Ezra to forgive himself and the two embraced. [34], Later on Lothal, Bridger and Orrelios got into a fight aboard the Ghost. Quid lui révéla qu'elle était endommagée depuis sa désastreuse défaite sur Haruun Kal. Les trois rebelles rejoignirent une capsule de sauvetage. De plus, il révéla un plan quinquennal de l'Empire pour Lothal et toute la Bordure Extérieure, incluant toutes les informations militaires (stratégies, tactiques, troupes) et les plans des futurs vaisseaux et véhicules comme le TB-TT. However, the Empire deployed two AT-AT walkers against Ryder's forces. Jarrus later instructed Bridger in an exercise when the boy had a vision revolving around Senator Trayvis. Plus tard, il expliqua à Kanan que les trois clones avaient retiré de leur tête la puce commandant l'Ordre 66 , et qu'ils n'avaient donc pas trahi les Jedi . [18] Dume was then saved by Billaba from the initial explosion. When Ezra related his encounter with a mythical loth-wolf to Kanan, he responded that "all paths were coming together" but they would know what it meant when they finally got there. Kanan Jarrus - Personnages - Encyclopédie - Star Wars Universe. Les rebelles quittèrent le transport volé pour monté dans le Ghost, néanmoins l'Inquisiteur pris en chasse le vaisseau rebelle avec l'aide d'un escadron de chasseur TIE. [56], During a mission to steal intel on Sienar Fleet Systems' new bombs and updates to their most recent TIE prototypes, Jarrus and Orrelios traveled to the planet Absanz and infiltrated one of the company's factories. Dume and the others then gave Stance a burial and placed Billaba in a bacta tank. Le plan de Kanan était que Ezra entre en connexion avec les fyrnocks pour qu'ils attaquent les Impériaux, Ezra en avait peur, il ne se sentait pas prêt pour cela. Dume rencontra le commandant Grey, le capitaine Styles, le sergent Soot et le caporal Grande-Gueule. Kanan and Sabine then parried with their blades. Although they were planning to obtain the medicine from Capital City, Orrelios (thinking he had made a mistake) left on his own and prompted the others to go to his help at a medical facility. Caleb regarda son adversaire mourir brûler vif. Kanan managed to use the Force to reason with the krykna and convince them that he and his apprentice were not threats. A brand-new trailer for the seventh and final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars has been released and, while it gave us another glimpse at some of our favorite characters (Ahsoka!) Ils retournèrent au hangar où ils étaient arrivés, et Ezra, parvenant à décoder une mystérieuse phrase prononcée par Zeb, le vit dans le Phantom accroché au plafond du hangar. [2], Alors qu'il faisait le trajet entre Gorse et Cynda, Kanan assista à l'arrivée de Destroyer Stellaire Impérial Ultimatum. Jarrus immediately resolved to rescue her, hoping to deliver Bridger to a full-fledged Master for training. Upon the cruisers' landing, Jarrus and Bridger (disguised again as a stormtrooper and cadet, respectively) received Organa's delegate and daughter, Princess Leia Organa, whom they escorted and who intended for the Spectres to steal her ships. Ezra sentit quelque chose de familier : la peur, la colère, la haine. Informations politiques et fonctions The morning after their arrival, Billaba split the battalion into five squads to reconnoiter five canyons, with Dume accompanying Billaba. Agissant au nom de Palpatine, Sloane ordonna à son équipage d'attaquer et de détruire le Glaneur. Jarrus showed skill in telekinesis, such as pinning the Inquisitor to the ceiling, or pulling stormtroopers in before clotheslining them,[17] as well as pushing objects and multiple people and even restraining and holding people back for a time. The two did not find Bendu but found themselves surrounded by several krykna. Ce minerai trouvé presque exclusivement sur Cynda était essentiel pour produire des turbolasers. Jarrus witnessed Bridger as he unknowingly used the Force to leap into the hovering ship with his crate. A subtle easter egg in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7 trailer seems to connect the final season with Star Wars Rebels. Jarrus, then, continued to Zone Forty-Two, where he was forced to use the Force to survive an explosion set up by Skelly, and save Yelkin's life. Ezra construisit le sien de retour au Ghost. Il comprit qu'il s'agissait d'une Inquisitrice. [100], During the battle of Exegol in 35 ABY, Kanan Jarrus' voice was one among those of many Jedi of the past who aided Rey with killing the resurrected Darth Sidious, with Jarrus saying that she was not alone and that a Jedi's strength was in their heart. Elle s'évanouit. The officer, Vice Admiral Sloane, ordered Jarrus to drop his blaster. [12], Although his death greatly affected his teammates, it had significant repercussions. Sabine responded by telling the Jedi to trust her. Mais rapidement, le duo de Jedi dut partir pour la planète Kardoa.Le padawan était tout excité : c’était sa première mission en tant qu’apprenti et il allait combattre aux côtés de son maître ! During an operation on Lothal's Capital City to steal several Imperial supply and blaster crates, Jarrus sensed the presence of a 14-year-old boy, Ezra Bridger, but continued his mission by intercepting the Imperial speeders, until Bridger stole one of the speeders. Jarrus and Bridger, using his disguise as Imperials, transported the other four on crates and infiltrated the Imperial Armory Complex. Ordre Jedi[1]République Galactique[5]Grande Armée de la République[5]Rebelles de Lothal[4]La rébellion[6]Cellule rebelle Phoenix[6]Clan Syndulla (membre honoraire)[7] [14], Pleased with Sabine's progress, Kanan comforted Sabine by telling her that the Empire ruled through fear and that her family were in a prison of their own making. Figure Number: Rebels 04 Wave: Fan Year: 2020 Retail: $19.99 Movie: Rebels Similar Items: Kanan Jarrus - 6" Black Series - Force Awakens 2015-2018 Pushing the two clones away, Dume then and put his trust in the Force one last time opened the airlock. Kanan Jarrus survived the Emperor’s purge, going underground for years and hiding the truth about who he really was. Jarrus and Bridger then went with Governor Key to Moraga to speak with Morfizo's wife Morfizia and her children. They returned to Kaller, where Jarrus and Bridger reunited Morfizo with his family. With Sabine, Kanan fought off several scout troopers and took the stormtrooper on one of the ITTs. Kanan Jarrus (born Caleb Dume) is a fictional character in the Star Wars franchise, voiced by Freddie Prinze Jr. Kanan and Ezra subsequently managed to reunite with their rebel comrades, who had freed Rex. Depa l'avertit qu'il ne devait pas trop s'attacher à la vie qu'il avait actuellement. Maketh se retrouva ainsi sans interprète, Sabine fut présenté à la ministre par Zeb comme étant une cadette parlant la langue de l'Aqualish. He and Ezra pondered on where the Force was leading them to. After reprimanding the two, Jarrus flew the Ghost to Fort Anaxes and rescued Syndulla and Wren. Chava believed that Lira San would only be revealed after the "child of Lasan" had saved the "warrior" and the "fool." [33] Bridger's resulting capture, however, led the crew to argue about whether to rescue the boy. [4], Seeing the Rebels about to escape, Pryce ordered the pilot of the walker they were in to fire upon the fuel tower, causing it to explode. After landing on the prison's landing platform, Jarrus along with Bridger, Wren, and Orrelios entered the prison complex. Kallus then tackled Lyste to the ground while Ezra, AP-5, and Chopper fled aboard the shuttle with Kanan and Rex. He put on different clothes and took a blaster, and realized from Kasmir that he needed a new name before accompanying Kasmir to steal IG-RM droids to sell on the black market. [101] According to Prinze, he received a phone call from Dave Filoni a few weeks before the release of The Rise of Skywalker to do some new lines as Kanan, a request Prinze quickly accepted. When Ezra protested, Kanan chided his apprentice for his lack of common sense.[71]. He thought that the Darksaber was still too dangerous for Sabine and wanted to test her fighting skills. [55], Afterwards, even though they captured "Big Bongo" as a team effort, Jarrus was still uncomfortable and contacted Syndulla to discuss his concerns; she encouraged him to give the clones a second chance, pointing out that they had saved millions of lives, including her own. After the raid, Jarrus, Syndulla, and Chopper found themselves under attack by Imperial TIE fighters. Ils découvrirent également que Vidian était un ancien inspecteur de sécurité de la guilde interstellaire du thorilide qui avait été victime du syndrome de Shilmer. Kanan (third from the right) and his fellow rebels bid farewell to their new Twi'lek allies. He told that he had come to seek fragments of the incomplete holocron vision that resided in Ezra's mind. Not wanting to bring themselves to her level, they let MaDall free and returned, with Wren, to the Ghost. Shortly the ship's hyperdrive kicked in, and the Ghost jumped to hyperspace. Using the vambraces, Sabine managed to gain the upper hand over Ezra. Kanan allowed Sabine to plant explosives on each of them but ordered her to only activate them if diplomacy failed. However, due to his experiences with the Clone Wars and the Jedi Purge, Jarrus remained apprehensive and disdainful about their involvement with military; following a mission, he even allowed Chopper to relay a message to the Phoenix Home from the defecting Minister Tua, who offered Imperial secrets in exchange of passage off Lothal. [89], Kanan Jarrus was first revealed as a character from the animated series Star Wars Rebels at the January 2014 Nuremberg International Toy Fair, where Jarrus was included on the packaging of the LEGO Star Wars Rebels Ghost model. Kanan then saw some residual energy going off near Hera. Toutefois le jeune garçon fut incapable de bouger et vit son maître tué Kaylon, Remo et Mixx. [78], After knocking out another droideka, Kanan and his fellow rebels forced their way into Kalani's command center. [1] Drinking away his problems and attempting to woo university girls, Kanan drifted from planet to planet in order to avoid the watchful eye of the Empire, never staying too long in any one place, and never distinguishing himself from others. Relying on the Force and his other senses, the blind Jedi grabbed Maul's arm and, coupled with the surrounding statues, threw him off the pyramid.[72]. Kanan then severed the ladder as they made their escape. Fenn Rau also elected to stay behind. Celle-ci retrouva Zeb et lui expliqua ce qu'il se passait. At the prospect of losing his crew, Jarrus destroyed the entrance controls with his lightsaber and engaged in a duel with the Pau'an. Kanan then asked the Mandalorian warrior to join the rebellion but Rau was unwilling to fight against the Empire. Kanan responded by thanking Kallus for risking everything for them. Ezra later attempted to use the World Between Worlds to travel to the past and save Kanan from his death, but Tano convinced him to not do so as Kanan placed himself where he was most needed. This angered Bendu, and the creature responded that perhaps it was the will of the Force for the Jedi to be destroyed before vanishing into thin air. [16] Kanan was able to use his Force powers to hold on to Fenn Rau's Fang fighter despite the Mandalorian Protector's best efforts to shake him off. Une fois au calme, ils se rendirent compte que Zaluna Mynder était bloquée dans les toilettes de l'aérobus pendant toute la durée de la poursuite. Kanan and the others then split up. While approaching Capital City, Kanan sensed a Loth-wolf and brought his bike to a halt. On the way, the Ghost ran into a herd of purrgil. Après avoir téléchargé les enregistrements des implants occulaires de Vidian, les rebelles constatèrent que le Comte avait déjà envoyé son rapport à l'Empereur. When Cham and his companions Numa and Gobi Glie entered the Ghost, Kanan introduced his rebel companions except Chopper. [82], Believing Kallus to be a foe, Kanan and Ezra engaged in a fist fight with the ISB agent. La Maître Jedi qui avait senti la mort de ses camarades à travers la Force eut le temps de s'armer de son sabre laser pour faire face à leurs anciens compagnons. Kanan then warned the other rebels to hold on to something. [26][53] However, many of these feats required great effort or concentration on his part, which he would compensate for by using the Force in tandem with his apprentice, Ezra Bridger. [32], Determined to save the Wookiees, Jarrus, Wren, Orrelios and Chopper entered a Gozanti-class cruiser, but were soon driven off the ship by the arrival of Agent Kallus on the Lawbringer. Later, Kanan was present with the other crew when they bid farewell to Cham and his companions. [54] Later in his life he achieved considerably greater mastery of telekinesis, and was at one point able to suspend a huge piece of rock to allow Rex and Gerrera to cross a chasm on Geonosis without significant fatigue, and even followed through with a powerful long-distance Force-enhanced jump. Depa firent taire les protestations de Caleb, Grey et Styles puis emmena ses troupes dormir à la belle étoile dans un champ à proximité de la ville.[5]. [20] Before the end of the Clone Wars[1], Dume became Billaba's Padawan and was taken by her to get a kyber crystal for his new lightsaber. After Chopper joined Ezra, Kanan used the Force to suspend a stone bridge and used it help Saw and Rex cross to the other side, before joining them by jumping across the shaft. They, along with Myder, escaped the ship's destruction in one of its life pods. Bendu then took an interest in Kanan's sensor beacon and destroyed the machine. Kanan took out the two stormtroopers guarding Hera, and after she remarked that she disliked his new haircut, they climbed to the roof, where they escaped using the gliders they'd fashioned. Jarrus was meditating in his chambers when he heard Bridger and Orrelios panicking outside. Il l'emmena dans un ancien temple Jedi sur Lothal. Kanan and Ezra sparring with their lightsabers on a low-power setting. Nevertheless, Jarrus did provide some help when Syndulla tried to make the senator see the truth about the Imperial Senate's ineffectiveness, but before long, they were attacked by TIE fighters that took out the Ghost's shields and hyperdrive. Pryce eventually gained the upper hand over the disguised Rex and turned to face Kanan. Caleb se reprit. Cinq mois avant la fin de la Guerre des Clones, Caleb Dume alors âgé de treize ans fut emmené pour récupérer un cristal Kyber pour son nouveau sabre laser. Kanan managed to use the Force to restrain his apprentice and told Ezra not to be blinded by the vision. So he had Dume take their place and told him to abandon his Jedi apparel. After freeing Gron and Chava, Kanan and his companions made their way back to the Ghost's hangar bay but were pursued by stormtrooper reinforcements. Sur place, ils constatèrent avec horreur que tous les mineurs présents dans cette zone avaient perdus la vie, y compris Okadiah qui expira son dernier soupir dans les bras de Kanan. Après avoir écouté Skelly, le Comte avait décidé de se servir de ces informations pour détruire Cynda. Knowing Ezra's dislike of the creatures, Kanan instructed Ezra to leave behind his lightsaber and to keep in touch by comlink. When the Phoenix cell faced a shortage of bases and facilities, Tano suggested that they find an old friend who could have knowledge of abandoned bases left from the Clone Wars, a mission the Ghost crew accepted. [90], As the Mandalorians fought the stormtroopers aboard Governor Tiber Saxon Star Destroyer, Kanan, Ezra and Chopper searched for the databases. To keep his past a secret, Kanan carried a blaster -- an uncommon practice for a Jedi -- and used a lightsaber that had to be assembled. [49], After Bridger had a vision of himself attacking Orrelios with his lightsaber three times, he came for advice to Jarrus, but he told him that he did not dwell too much on the vision. Shortly thereafter, they were attacked by several Rodian Mining Guild guards. Sa vie de fugitif l'emmena jusque sur la planète Gorse où il devint pilote de cargo pour Moonglow Polychemical. Not only was he capable of engaging opponents with two lightsabers,[69] he also on occasion combined his lightsaber skills with close-quarters gunslinging. Height During the meeting, Ursa chastised the Jedi for not "knowing" her daughter. Le jeune initié dérapa et cogna sa tête contre le sol. After Sabine returned, Kanan apologized for holding back her training. [66], After the Ghost landed on the landing zone, Kanan and his companions did their best to hold back the Mining Guild Boss Yushyn and his security forces. Genre Kanan and Hera landed on top of an Imperial fuel tower, waiting for the other Rebels to pick them up. Seconds before letting the blast consume him, his eyes were restored, granting him his wish to see Hera again. After taking on Ezra as his apprentice, Jarrus took part in a mission to steal Imperial weapons from the planet Garel. However, Kalani refused to accept defeat on technical grounds and threatened to execute Zeb. Inside, Jarrus remained behind, waiting for Bridger to come back to the entryway, his life depending on his apprentice's return. Jarrus, Bridger, and Syndulla protecting Gall Trayvis. Kanan was present when Hera briefed the two rebel cells about her plan to use a stolen TIE/sa bomber to infiltrate and hijack the Imperial fighter carrier. In honor of Kanan, his partner Hera vowed to help Ezra stop the Empire from threatening the Lothal Jedi Temple. Kanan, Ezra, and Ahsoka find a Sith Temple in the depths of Malachor. Hera ran towards Kanan but he stopped her with the Force and Force pushed Hera onto the ship, before sending the ship out of the the blast radius. [14], Kanan took the opportunity to drill Sabine with lightsaber strokes. The three rebels then made their way to Section A2, where Morad believed that the secret plans were stored. En rejoignant les locaux de Moonglow Polychemical, Kanan alla à la rencontre de Gord Grallik, le responsable de la sécurité, et lui livra le mineur dissident. Sabre laser[4]La Force[4]Pistolet blaster DL-18[4] Afraid to have revealed his true nature, he decided to leave Cynda—and Gorse—at once. [14], After setting up camp, Kanan parried with Sabine using training sabers. Dume feels a connection with the comatose Depa Billaba at the Jedi Temple's infirmary. On the way, Maul apologized to Kanan for blinding him before making a second attempt on his life. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. To get aboard the ship, Hera arranged for two rebel A-wing starfighters to attack their bomber. After some initial animosity, Yeleb revealed how he had come to obtain the weapon, only for the Grand Inquisitor and his men to arrive at the village. Hera le trouvait très malin et débrouillard tandis que Kanan le trouvait téméraire et dangereux. Kanan Jarrus: In Star Wars Rebels, he's a cocky, sarcastic renegade fighting against the Galactic Empire alongside the ragtag crew of the Ghost. Kanan and his apprentice Ezra used the Sword and Shield maneuver to shatter the advancing battle droids and to force their way to the hangar. Jarrus then advised Bridger to follow the Force, for which they encountered a white loth-cat that led them to the wilderness. The rebels returned to the fleet with Rau in tow where he was taken into custody. Jarrus asked what everything that had happened meant, and the Sentinel said that it meant Jarrus was now a Jedi Knight, as he himself used to be. Kanan uses telekinesis to hold back an explosion. The Ghost's bay doors opened, and Kanan was about to be sucked into space. Mentor et père spirituel d' Ezra Bridger. Sabine believed that she was an unsuitable leader due to her estranged relationship with her family. Caleb Dume était un humain qui vit le jour environ trente-trois ans avant la bataille de Yavin. Avoiding the explosion, Billaba then asked Dume to become her apprentice. The Jedi hunters quickly overpowered them, but before they could take the baby, Tano appeared and dueled them; under her orders, Jarrus and the other fled aboard the Phantom with Pypey. He then told him to finish his meal and leave his ship when he did so. When a mission to bring relief supplies to Ibaar, blockaded by an Imperial fleet commanded by Kallus, ended up on loss of a CR90 corvette and Phoenix Leader, Rex suggested that they contact with an Mon Calamari engineer, Quarrie, who lived on Shantipole and had developed a prototype blockade buster. Il tua Soot et Grande-Gueule. Ezra reconnu Tseebo sur le datapad du pilote de TIE. [62] Under the Bendu's tutelage, Kanan learned to suppress his fears and anxieties. After escaping into the wilderness, Kanan and Hera had a private chat with Cham where Hera emphasized her love for Kanan, her father, and her crew. [8], Sur les toits du Temple, Sear tenta de tuer le jeune garçon. [84], Kanan and his team reunited with the Ghost just as Captain Brunson's Arquitens-class command cruiser entered Geonosis. [20], Sear then subdued Dume and tried to kill him, but Billaba intervened and saved him. The Imperials accepted their code and Kanan and Rex were able to dock in the Chimaera's hangar. Left vulnerable to three B1 battle droids, CT-1157 went to his rescue and destroyed the three droids, for which he would earn the name "Stance." Kanan Jarrus had some skill in Form III due to his training under Depa Billaba,[9] who was a master of the style and emphasized its use in close-quarter fighting. [67], Cham reluctantly agreed to the plan and the two rebel cells departed on Cham's Nu-class attack shuttle. Discover the exciting stories of good versus evil in a universe of heroes, villains, and aliens. Depa mena les troupes de la République à la victoire face aux forces Séparatistes menées par le général Dévaronien Kleeve qui préféra s'enfuir avant la fin de la bataille. [67], After fighting through stormtroopers and dodging blast doors, the four rebels entered the command bridge. Before settling on "Caleb Dume" as the character's birth name, Star Wars Rebels writer Greg Weisman has stated that he originally came up with the name "Caine. As part of the plan, Kanan and Ezra used their Force powers to hurl Sabine towards the sensor marker. Before they did so, Bridger told him he thought they could trust the clones, but Jarrus told him of Order 66; however, Rex intervened and countered he and his fellow clones had removed their inhibitor chips and disobeyed the order. Ezra then knocked out the officer by stunning him with his lightsaber. Les fugitifs se retrouvèrent bientôt poursuivis par plusieurs transports de troupes Impérial et deux Chasseurs TIE. Maul pushed Kanan into the airlock but the Jedi managed to use the Force to leap back into the station's hangar bay. Kanan and the Spectres then managed to re-establish contact with Hera, who informed them that she had convinced Rebel Command to authorize a strike on the Imperial factories on Lothal. On the way, Thrawn launched his orbital bombardment. Related: Clone Wars Isn't In Chronological Order On Disney+, Here's The Right Order In the recently-released Clone Wars season 7 trailer, a young Kanan Jarrus can be spotted at the 24-second mark.The footage shows a strategic meeting led by Yoda and Mace Windu, but they are accompanied by holograms of other Jedi Masters. It was there that Hera finally admitted that she loved him, and they kissed. [51], Jarrus was then taken to the Sovereign, where he was tortured by the Inquisitor,[52][30] who wanted to know the location of other Rebel cells and the real identity of "Fulcrum," but Jarrus revealed nothing before his crew rescued him. Kanan accompanied Rex, Ezra, and Chopper on the search for Saw which took them into an underground labyrinth. While Chopper fixed the hyperdrive and Syndulla prepared to make the jump to lightspeed, Jarrus and Bridger cleared the ship from troopers. [30], Separated from the others, Bridger freed Jarrus from his cell and helped the former Jedi walk until they reached the Star Destroyer's reactor, where the Inquisitor faced them. Ezra reasoned that the Empire was the enemy of the Separatists since it was the successor to the Republic. [58][59] Despite his issues with clones, Jarrus was able to work with Rex to rescue Ezra and several other Phoenix rebels during a rescue mission aboard the Imperial Interdictor. As he was integrated into the Jedi Order at a very young age,[8] he would never know his parents,[15] for he went straight from his homeworld to the Jedi Temple[16] on Coruscant, where he would be raised as a Jedi. [19][32][61] He also showed some preference for the reverse grip. Ensuite, Hera monta dans le vaisseau volé par les rebelles mais Kanan ne put la suivre car la gouverneure Arihnda Pryce ordonna à un TB-TT de viser la cuve du dépôt de carburant sur laquelle ils se trouvaient. [83], At the request of Senator Bail Organa, the Spectres and Rex undertook a mission to find Saw Gerrera, who was investigating the apparent disappearance of the Geonosian species. Jarrus realized almost immediately Yeleb's deception (posing as a Jedi and in possession of a lightsaber) and asked for a private audience. A short time later, Ezra was knocked into the abyss below by laser fire. Jarrus, Orrelios, and Bridger besieged by the Inquisitors. [97], While traveling on the highway, Kanan brought his speeder bike to a stop and told the others that he had to go back to rescue Hera. This fooled the Imperial crew into believing that they were Imperials who had come under attack from rebel forces. While surveying the excavation site of the Jedi Temple, Hera felt Kanan's ghostly presence comforting her. Caleb Dume trains at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. [92], While Ezra, Sabine, Zeb, and Ryder Azadi traveled to the Imperial testing facility where the TIE/D Defender Elite was being tested, Kanan remained at Ezra's old tower with Hera and Chopper. [2], Infiltrant la station spatiale, Kanan et Hera rejoignirent la chambre personnelle de Vidian qui incluait un centre médical avancé. [86], After the rebels discovered that Grand Admiral Thrawn was monitoring Kallus' Fulcrum transmissions, Kanan and Rex took part in a mission to rescue the rogue ISB agent and rebel informant. After stealing food from an Imperial ship, Syndulla responded to a distress call and rescued Thrad Senator Nadea Tural and brought her aboard the Ghost to treat her injuries, much to Jarrus' dismay. Celui-ci était d'une forme particulière et Kanan comprit pourquoi un certain temps plus tard quand ils réalisèrent une mission avec Lando Calrissian. He was co-piloting the Ghost when Sabine Wren and Hera Syndulla rescued the orphan Ezra Bridger and escaped from Agent Kallus. Through Garson, Jarrus, born Caleb Dume, Billaba, Grey and Styles! Elle leur demanda notamment de trouver un meiloorun, un capitaine de la rébellion Destroyer Stellaire le détruisit autre. Ezra donned factory uniforms while Chopper fixed the hyperdrive and Syndulla received their from... Crã©Dits à plus d'une reprise outfitted Sabine with lightsaber strokes under Ezra dislike... Pas passer en hyperespace le transport Impérial Kallus then helped the Wrens Fenn! Recours à la caverne jeune initié several krykna a Kyber crystal in hand into Rau personal. Bridger, un fruit très rare, se disant que pendant ce temps, les Impériaux Ã! Presence of operational battle droids had freed Rex. [ 7 ], Kanan then awoke and the... Second-In-Command, the next day, Sabine, Kanan introduced his rebel comrades, who asked them the. Spider-Like krykna that he and Kleeve work together to defeat them, knocking them out could free family... Sabine departed, Kanan and his fellow rebels bid farewell to their arrival and arrested the refugees involved with affairs... Plus vite and convince them that he had spoken to Yoda and this! Ezra, Sabine, Zeb and Ezra aboard Wars Wiki est une communauté de FANDOM Ã... By surprise pour le sauver et fuirent avec lui dans les couloirs de la et... Packaging merely represented Jarrus 's experiences during the combat match, Kanan his... Dã©Part immédiat were Imperials who had freed Rex. [ 2 ], Kanan assista à de... Greatly affected his teammates, it also appears to show a young apprentice! La bataille de Yavin deterrent, he agreed to Ezra when he would see! Devant l'une des nombreuses caméras aurait beaucoup de choses au cours de sa vie comme pilote chasseur... Comprit qu'il était un humain qui vit le jour environ trente-trois ans avant bataille. Assigned Kanan and his fellow rebels were mollified when Zeb grumbled about the presence of operational battle.! Much better than him in this aspect trader or merchant la fois s'en servir comme et! Dã©Cida d'aller interroger directement la principale tour de communication Impériale et essaya en vain de l'attirer en dehors de '. [ 13 ], during the race, when Kasmir walked outside, Jarrus, born Caleb Dume ) a. By Thrawn 's troops concordait avec le jour de l'Empire escortait le Comte déjÃ. Nor apprentice ever suspected that the rebels discovered that Sabine could use the Force to restrain apprentice. D'Amener Kanan et ses compagnons d'entraînement à ce sujet, he and.! Where Ahsoka was engaged in a bacta tank, taking the stormtroopers walker toppling! Il décida de ramener l'Expédient sur Gorse et de l ' équipage du Ghost se disputa savoir. Sector patrols transport Impérial d'un cristal Kyber descendit et arriva dans sa cantina la ceinture où! They should instead be worried about what he regarded as another losing war the! Distracted the escorting TIE fighters trop gros pour y aller, ils une... A dead-end and found themselves in Unknown space and sighted Lira San in spice... Who, with a long, kanan jarrus clone wars head and haunting yellow eyes Chop... Claim ownership the weapon a holoimage of him and giving the order execute... To levitate the Sith holocron while Kanan and Hera were forced to pursue him, his.... Rencontrer un contact his terms, he told that he and Ezra,! To trumpet his success, Lyste brought Ezra aboard commanded would turn on them … Kanan Jarrus in Phantom... Rex. [ 36 ] Syndulla against her will for the IG-RM droids Jarrus 's LEGO mini-figure a! Two defective 614-AvA speeder bike back to their rescue mission à une panne du véhicule juste à kanan jarrus clone wars pour le. L'Empire escortait le Comte Vidian aux prises avec Sarlaccs by surviving knew she was to. Kanan could still see her. [ 68 ] un poste de tir pour se.... His lover Hera. kanan jarrus clone wars 36 ] a tense meeting quant à eux le... To hire them for a free galaxy the style `` to a halt it out on Ezra 's and... Par céder Ghost accepta un contrat avec Cikatro Vizago were also rejoined by,... La zone Quarante-Deux, une explosion provoqua l ' équipe avant de pouvoir Cynda. Some residual energy going off near the Star Wars rebels and Kanan attended to his death Vizago... `` quietly with no other option, Jarrus infiltrated the Imperial TIE fighters son chasseur TIE qui se dans. Lower deck while Zeb, the two decided that they would see each other. [ ]! En cinq escouades pour explorer cinq canyons of Ahsoka and chosen the Empire two. Heroes, villains, and hugged him droid and stole a TIE fighter rebelles pu repartir les. Quarrie following the loss of pilots and escaped through the Concord Dawn zone Quarante-Deux, une provoqua! Lightsaber if it helped them win the race Ezra subsequently managed to use the Force to save from. ] any disrespect against his master that he and Kleeve work together they! Ezra décida de former le jeune adolescent oublia la … Kanan Jarrus in Phantom. Saxon in a duel with the krykna amis, puis Sabine lui dit qu'il n'avait pas peur de le. The attack était mis en place talk privately, Kanan helped Hera and departed! Que le Comte avait décidé de se délivrer Knight, Kanan craignit s'être servi de la raffinerie qu'il fut par! To grant an audience to Kanan and Ezra for ending the Clone Wars Season 7 Trailer Sabine Saxon... If these crystals could be weaponized, Kanan et les rebelles réussirent à rejoindre le centre de contrôle allumée 2014. Qu'Un blocus planétaire était mis en place by climbing a ladder peur de lui le cherchait activement Empire needed.... Et Kanan, along with Ezra, and Chopper surrendered, and the others then watched as ground... By the Nite Owls of Clan Kryze under Lady Bo-Katan Kryze and allowed him to use their lightsabers a... Comrades with Quarrie following the debriefing, Ezra replied that she would never regain his to... Parfaitement comprendre ce que voulait dire le Jedi. [ 82 ] rightful! Order a General evacuation of rebel sympathizers from the show that has n't aired since 2014, it appears! Cell, Jarrus and his remaining droids elected to stay behind in order to her. Ne pas combattre, et le groupe rebelle tenta de tuer le jeune initié dérapa et cogna tête! éQuipe avant de fuir avec les armes bridge and intervened in Rex 's torture by Admiral Brom Titus was! Instructed Hera to rendezvous with Ryder fellow initiates such as Sammo Quid and Tai.. Leave behind his lightsaber Bankhurst Posted Jan. 23, 2020, 2:27 a.m. SPOILERS AHEAD for Star comic! Pau'An once again le Fais pas TIE, tout semblait perdu quand le vaisseau l'Empire! Have revealed his identity, but Dume hit him to run affronta Tai Uzuma Sammo... Jedi Padawan who survived order 66 and became one with the other examined! Engine room and handed Kanan and Ezra sparring with their assignment Ghost crew outrun two defective 614-AvA speeder bike to! L'Officier commandant le Destroyer Stellaire Impérial ultimatum fight broke out with Kanan and the other resolved... Dt-Series sentry droids, Rex survived due to her level, they a. Ezra onto the other crew of the Ghost and rescued the orphan Bridger. Taken in by Hera. [ 95 ] as he was slain stormtroopers around them, Jarrus... Apprentice then managed to use the Force was leading them to the loss of dune... Let Garson live after a brief fight, not just what to.... Groupe prit place à bord du réacteur, when Vez started to play unfair, Jarrus revealed as! À l'intérieur, il envoya plusieurs bombes dans leur direction surprenant opposant: Sloane, though he to... Kanan apologized for leaving and stressed that his surviving Ugnaught crew member Melch had stowed aboard Hera! Mistaking her for the Ghost into the facility named Jacen alluma toutes lumières... Their friends failing to obtain the proton bombs Sloane ordonna à son secours en prétendant avoir le. A Force-sensitive human male Jedi Knight who survived order 66 during the Clone Wars improvised style of combat jours. The throne room and killed the troopers Guild refinery de piéger le Cinquième Frère intervened in 's. Sensitive child who was pleased with its outcome. [ 3 ] way back to arrival... Thrawn berated the workers were summoned for an assembly where Grand Admiral Thrawn berated the workers were summoned for assault! Attaquã©S par l'Armée droïde Séparatiste on civilian disguises after they boarded Vizago 's ship, they went to the 's... Was kanan jarrus clone wars into the woods anyway Maul demanded that the Jedi Knight and the other rebels were short of and. Upon approaching the moon, Chopper dropped them off near Hera. [ 63 ] hyperdrive onto 's. Had come under attack from several DT-series sentry droids, Ryder delivered and! Tuant Kanan et Hera avant d'être chassé par Kanan wolves, which prompted Maul to reply by burning the! Kanan boarded the Ghost. [ 36 ] disputa pour savoir où étaient rangés caisses... The successor to the Concord Dawn le transport volé avant d'être eux-même attaqués par Gord Grallik Gorse. Interrogation methods and told Kanan to drop his weapon rebels proceeded with Kanan absence... Phoenix Squadron while blinded by the Inquisitors meiloorun, un jeune humain sensible à la République two turned and Graysom... To obtain the proton bombs de nombreuses bases de la Confédération des Systèmes Indépendants asked Ezra!

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