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See more ideas about Photography, Fish, Image. Bridges, attractions, and buildings are usually brightly lit at night, and places that might seem rather pedestrian during the day – can make stellar photography subjects […] We've collated some of our favourite photographic artists from the social network for you to enjoy. @Sejkko: Manuel Pita is another urban photographer on this list, but he is known for toting a bear mask around the world and taking pictures of it posed in striking scenarios. She's a chef, turned Instagram photography sensation who quit her job in 2013 to follow her passion on the photo-sharing service. @TravisJensen: If you want to see what San Francisco really looks like at street-level, check out SF-based Travis Jensen. For the second year running, TIME … Required fields are marked *. He takes portraits and landscapes and everything in between, and they're all speckled with colour, perspective, and emotion. Clean and careful compositions are available throughout his entire portfolio, making the streets of the world unveil their common thread among them. Making lists is always a fun thing to do. You don’t need to plan a photo shoot or buy special gear to get awesome shots. A couple of days ago we published a post on street photography Instagram accounts that should definitely be on your radar. I think that it is valuable to follow her work in order to visualize how a style is properly achieved in street photography. Get Kara'd away is a team of two professional wedding photographers who have shot over 100 weddings together. We are all here learning and sharing things about what we love the most, photography. Oh, and because he always posts the best flash-bright photos of celebs, with himself in the shot of course. @omarzrobles: Omar Z. Robles is a New York based photographer with a passion for capturing the art of dance and movement in an urban setting. Everything here is about the colors of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. @Astrodub: Angeliki Jackson describes herself as a visual artist and the proof in her photographs. A curated panel of judges selected six winning photos from thousands of submissions worldwide. Your email address will not be published. Many of her images feature bold, striking colours and images from swimming pools. Hard to explain, but brilliant to observe. Here’s a list of Fujifilm street photographers to follow on Instagram … 13 talking about this. The images bold, colourful and brilliantly posed. Certainly a change from the usual Instagram posts. This is a group for photographers interested in shooting at night, including night landscapes, night cityscapes, astrophotography with a DSLR, and light painting. Music: 'On the mountain by the sea' by Utah All music is sourced from Music Bed. 2016-10-07 00:07 in Photography … I am American born, then in my early 40’s moved to Australia where we lived for 20yrs. People wrapped around lights and shadows, always in transit. @Koci: If black and white is your thing, Richard Koci Hernandez is a Pulitzer Prize-nominated photojournalist with an Instagram account brimming with vintage-esque pics. She captures NYC street life, stunning beaches, city skylines, and whatever else that strikes her. His images are often colourful, macro shots and he occasionally captions them with pro tips. It's extraordinary. 10. Anyways, Street is a wonderful way to express yourself and it’s been a great way to slip into learning and observing life in Italy and around the world. Follow this photographer and you're bound to see plenty of brilliant landscapes like you've never seen before. Instagram hashtags are very useful in making your content more discoverable and increasing the reach and engagement on your profile.. For photographers and influencers who are looking to share their work and grow a following on Instagram, it’s important to know which photography hashtags to use. I wanted ask if you might consider having a look at my Instagram page. Her images also conjure up a range of physics and nature-defying scenes for us all to enjoy. He also shares a lot of underwater shots you won't see elsewhere. Sometimes mixed with people to present the perfect blend of portraits and architecture, other times just striking images from intriguing angles. Dan is a well-known designer, photographer, writer and speaker. How Smartproxy can help you avoid geo-restrictions and protect your privacy - The best proxy? @Ruano: Luis Ruano lives in San Francisco and does an excellent job at capturing every day (and his) life in California. His posts are always taken with just his smartphone, which is fairly unbelievable when you take a browse through his feed. Here in his Instagram account, you can see some of the things that he shares with the world. The Swim Reaper is a whole other level though. Australia's first professional Instagrammer. @thiswildidea: Theron Humphrey is for those of you who are dog-lovers because his best posts are of his cute pooch. This account takes historic hip-hop and music images and mixes them up to create a new twist on reality that we love. This image of Kurt Cobain and Marty McFly is the perfect example. [email protected], Nina Welch-Kling (@ninakling) Like Theron Humphrey, Andrew Knapp's images picture his favourite four-legged pal in a variety of settings. Theron snaps some incredible images of his dog in a variety of brilliant backdrops. Storm Troopers feature heavily in Darryll's feed as do a wealth of other toys. See all. Please feel free to share with us some of your favorite street photographers to follow on Instagram. @igshotz – #igshotz – used 136,337 times – 50.7k followers Some look fake, others heavily Photoshopped, but they're all brilliant. @Onelastmidnight: If London is more your thing, this photographer is based in the UK, where he often captures the City of London and all of its hidden treasures, architecture and people. This chap posts hilarious beach photos in a variety of poses while dressed as the Grim Reaper - scythe and all. @Reallykindofamazing: Garrett Cornelison's best asset (see what we did there?) Her feed gives a magnificent view of the backcountry of America - showing a harsh yet beautiful landscape like no other. There are certain subjects and themes that perform well on Instagram because they offer wide appeal and tons of visual interest. The majority of his photos show dancers in poses or in the middle of incredible acrobatic feats in various locations. Under the catchy name of Six Street Under you'll find a visual explosion of shadows, humor, and colors dwelling together in tight frames that result in something even larger than just “visual pleasure”. Her images are the ultimate in awesome travel photography and are bound to make you uber jealous if nothing else. Bambi has a unique perspective of her local Madrid. From beaches to the Golden Gate Bridge, he's covered all of the Bay Area and its outer-skirts through photography. He's incredibly skilled and the results are some impressive images that will often leave you speechless. Sometimes she shares portraits from people she stumbles with while travelling or in the streets. That should be your curated Africa account to follow. @Macenzo: Dirk Bakker is a graphic designer with a deep passion for patterns and architecture, as evident by his abundant and eye-catching posts. Silva (@jnsilva) Silva says he first started taking pictures to simply augment his memory of … Star Wars fans rejoice and enjoy! Tag these accounts and their hashtags in your image and your wanderlust-inducing snap could be shared worldwide: – #liveauthentic – used 9,063,404 times – 1280 followers. This photographer's Instagram feed is worth envying. Best hashtags for use with #nightphotography are #nightphotography #night #photography #longexposure #ig #photooftheday #nightsky #nature #streetphotography #nightlife #astrophotography #photo #canon #instagood #moon #milkyway #naturephotography #travel #travelphotography #landscape #photographer #sky #shots #picoftheday #stars #nikon #instagram … All rights reserved. @Dguttenfelder: David Guttenfelder is a National Geographic Society Photographer by day, and an Instagram-snapper by night. We are here to help you from the minute you book us, until your gorgeous wedding photos are hung on your walls at home! One would instantly recall Brandon Stanton‘s Humans of New York series as one of the definitive examples of portraying our city landscape through its people. Federico has a decade of experience in documentary photography, contributes some free images to the community and is a University Professor in photography. @laurenepbath: Lauren Bath holds the honour of being Australia's first professional Instagrammer. This Instagrammer has certainly seen some sights over the years and we love his work. @trashhand: Serdar Ozturk has an account full of urban landscape and architecture photos that show an awesome eye for detail. As you might imagine, her images are something special and feature snaps from all over the world. She loves capturing the way light and color transforms the city in the most natural way. It really doesn't matter if the list is short or long, it will always leave people behind, and we know that. @drcuerda: Daniel Rueda and Anna Devís manage this account and use it to tell stories with their photos. 10’s of thousands of f ollowers. Her photos are moody and thoroughly British - and we're not just talking about all the rain. Kirsten is a full-time travel photographer who has snapped images in over 50 countries. Almost all his work is in black and white, sometimes you have almost absolute stillness, and some others you have a hyperactive visual punch. (Pocket-lint) - Instagram is more than just a place for Kim K selfies and food porn. And sometimes it's also adorable. @Heysp: Any foot-fetish people out there? Some of his most recent shots even show police using tear gas on crowds during the World Series. Color photography is very hard to accomplish in a successful way and Bambi has nailed it for good. Capturing a good Instagram photo with your phone is harder than it looks! If you're a fan of colourful snaps, satisfying symmetry and amazing angles, then this is the photographer to follow. See a Good Night photo you like? The old-school stylist (@Koci) @Koci: If black and white is your thing, Richard … accounts promoting street photography from all over the world. 5 of Our Favorite Tokyo Photographers to Follow on Instagram; 5 of Our Favorite Tokyo Photographers to Follow on Instagram. BROOK PICTURES . @Witchoria: Speaking of angles, Victoria Siemer has a special knack at photographing people in the most interesting (and slightly impossible) positions. Product links on ExpertPhotography are referral links. Photography tips. @tyieshaphotography: Tyiesha Shannon is a 19-year-old black and white photographer hailing from West Yorkshire. In Part 1 of my Instagram Tips series, three sure-fire tips were shared to grow the right following, the right way on Instagram. @ashadamsphoto: Ash Adams is a photojournalist based in Anchorage, Alaska. With more than 100 million U.S. users on Instagram, finding the best accounts to follow can lead you down the rabbit hole. Recently, we asked our readers to send us a photo that more accurately represents what the night after the wedding was like for them. J.N. @DVL: Dustin Vaughn-Luma works on the UX team at Adobe, so you know he has an eye for design and detail. (Night photography by Robert Brook). @Andrewknapp: OK, here's one more for pet fanatics. It seemed fitting for my inexperience but also the approach I wanted to take as a Street Photographer. Photo by Anthony Shkraba from Pexels [Note: ExpertPhotography is supported by readers. @Kirstenalana: And you thought you travelled a lot. Tyiesha has a fantastic eye for beautiful urban shots and fantastic black and white portraits too. You'll have a great time looking at his photographs, and he has a very interesting course as well. You can get to know him better here, People wrapped around lights and shadows, always in transit. That candid feel to street photography is what really pulls me in. That was about accounts promoting street photography from all over the world, so they relied on various photographers in order to nurture their feed. If you live or work in a city, great street photography is right at your front door. With a clear influence from Saul Leiter, Craig Whitehead has a tremendous eye for the best things happening on the streets. It's also a place where talented photographers from all over the world share their creativity. The five winning photos will be featured on Apple Newsroom,, Apple Instagram (@apple), Apple WeChat, Apple Twitter accounts and Apple Weibo accounts, and may appear at Apple Stores, on billboards, or a third-party public photo exhibition. Night photography can be much more rewarding than photography during the day. @asasjostromphotography: Asa Sjostrom is a "documentary photographer" based in Sweden, and according to her profile, she has focus on social issues especially concerning women and children. His snaps are really incredible and he clearly has a great eye for people. I think that the creative decision of having just a handful of color shots respond to the same principle that is very hard for some of us to capture streets in color while still looking good. Thinking about it, maybe I should kick in some bucks and buy his book. She's worked with a variety of brands and it's easy to see why she's popular. Not all cities are alike, but they all share phenomena that are uncovered thanks to his lens. @iamtheswimreaper: We all have those friends who are constantly posting photos from some far off paradise, making us sick with jealousy over their travel freedom. Street photography is still hard to define, and personally speaking, I see it as a way of approaching reality – showing it in all its mundane or everyday beauty. 25 Instagram photo hubs and hashtags to follow to help promote your photography on social media. Instead of pushing for people to follow established street photographers, why not actually promote some people who are good and could actually benefit from a little promotion. Thanks!! And we can have fun with other genres as well, so please don't you ever forget to have fun while shooting. It looks like they have a blast together. His Instagram feed is packed full of photographs spanning across a multitude of countries, cultures and from across the years. He is a Magnum photographer and I see him as a living legend. We have collected 49 of the best famous photographers to follow on Instagram. We loved her posts from her project in Moldova and all the photographs of her family in Sweden. @Terryrichardson: Because, Terry Richardson. You've come to the right place! iPhone photographers around the world answered the call to participate in the Night mode photo challenge, sharing their captivating Night mode images shot on iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Instagram photographer #5: Ha’a Keaulana (@haakeaulana) If you are fascinated by the ocean, the tropical charms of our fiftieth state’s dramatic natural formations, as well as the sport, sportime, and lifestyle embodied by surfing, follow Keaulana, a surfer-photographer from Hawaii, and say “aloha” to some serious photography inspiration. She focuses on the everyday candidly as pretty much any street photographer but with a twist, a pastel tone visual consistency that pierces through her entire opus. @joepenney: If you've ever wanted an intimate look at West Africa and the people living in that part of the world, check out Joe Penny's feed, which features his daily life and plenty of portraits to boot. And the main reason is that he manages to jump from visual to visual, but he is still able to keep a certain consistency that makes him a really great photographer to follow. Writing by Maggie Tillman and Adrian Willings. @maria.svarbova: Mária Å varbová has a fascinating passion for colour, reflections and perspective. Don’t forget to also follow @filtergrade on Instagram. Because everything looks different at night, you don’t need to go somewhere exotic to get great pictures. Fairly impressive what you can do with just a phone camera too. All his photographs share the same stillness, which ironically is capable of transmitting dynamism at the same time. Granted you hashtag correctly, you should see an increase in … It's beautiful. Believe me, we will be very thankful with everything you folks share with us. This is also important because many people love fixing on one way of doing things that they forget to have fun. LoveThisPic is a place for people to share Good Night pictures, images, and many other types of photos. She has a very particular way of managing color, and she keeps it consistent across bright and dark scenes. All three of us got beautiful shots that night… Aside from QT with your cutie, of course, one of the perks of date night … @_vemix_: Not technically a photographer, but more a manipulator of photographs. Jill Dobkin The science of shapes: Learn the psychology behind basic forms and figures in photography. Today, more photographers are dishing out diverse methods of … Andrew Knapp loves to capture his cute border collie playing hide and seek, and we can't get enough. His Instagram feed is certainly visually stunning. In fact, there are so many Instagram photo ideas for at-home date nights that'll brighten up your feed. @Adamsenatori: Adam Senatori is a photographer-pilot extraordinaire who specialises in posting breath-taking aerial shots. Many of his images are also shot from different perspectives, giving you a new and wonderful view of the world. Oh, and his last name is literally lens, so that is awesome. Winners will be notified on March 4, 2020. Instagram actually doubles as their portfolio, a showcase of professional-quality photos that anyone is allowed to view at no cost. The winning images will be featured in a gallery on and Apple Instagram … Check out her profile if you're in need of some inspiration. Paola's feed is pretty curious since it works almost like a mood-guided street photography gallery. It is a very high chance that you are already following him since he is pretty much a rock star from the street photography world, but few know his real name. @Brahmino: Simone Bramante describes himself as a storyteller first and a photographer second and his posts certainly show that. Often travelling, he's made shooting photos and uploading them to Instagram part of his daily working routine. His photography centres around showing landscapes, buildings and mundane situations from a different perspective. I was out with my friends and fellow photographers Josh Sinn and Bryan Vana just a couple weeks after my son was born four years ago. As camera capable drones become more and more popular the number of drone photographs like this is on the rise, but Adam Senatori has an eye for the incredible. This is a generous array of images that transit from personal stuff to published photographs. Night photography is exciting, presents the world in a truly different light and is serene and calming in many ways. @Janske: Sometimes you just can't get enough of landscapes. In this post we found 19 cool street photographers for you to follow on Instagram and keep up with. Street photography can be either easy or difficult to pick up, depending on your perspective. Big hair and brilliant photography abound. Follow him and you're certainly going to be jealous of all the brilliant sights he sees if nothing else. He is one of the main contributors of Everyday Africa, which is an Easter Egg for you. @Danrubin: Dan Rubin is yet another photographer who doubles as a globetrotter, and his Instagram is chock full of landscapes, buildings and yes, the occasional food porn. @chrisburkard: Chris Burkard is a masterful travel photographer with a keen eye for awesome landscape shots and staggering views of our world. Looking through Jorge Lens' work feels like accessing an urban taxonomy of the everyday. He even has some heavily post-produced and retouched photographs but the great thing about him is that his decisions are really fair when you see all his work as a whole. People are loving it. (Portfolio site). On the one hand, you have a wealth of interesting subjects to photograph. We literally have THOUSANDS of articles on this site that link to up and coming photographers. @theblondeabroad: Kiki is one of those people who took from posting sickening photos of their holidays to the next level by making a living out of it. The results are incredible images that often look more like artworks than photography pieces. She's much more than that though, her photos heavily feature items wonderfully crafted by her own fair hand too. 737.7k Followers, 585 Following, 3,856 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Nick Knight (@nick_knight) That is what Mikk Olli's … Welcome to LowNBroke Photography, where we shoot anything from, … Loved your suggestions on Street Photographer’s to look out for!! His photos regularly include weird and wonderful scenes he's spotted in the world around him. Life is amazing. @stevemccurryofficial: Steve McCurry is one of the most well-known names in photojournalism. Patrick Joust: This photo was taken on a really great night for photography. What’s more, you’re off to Los Angeles to enjoy the 72 and sunny with your boo and you want to kill every gram with the top spots to open up that shutter and create something your followers will love you for. Watch this video for even more tips on how to take good Instagram photos on your phone: 10 Instagram picture ideas.

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