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Your next big step in analyzing the competition is looking at what their customers have to say about them. Analyse their business strategies: Business strategies include both long term and … You can easily find a company’s “biographical” information on sites like Crunchbase, LinkedIn, Owler, and AngelList. Are you growing faster than a company of your size and age? How To Create A Comprehensive Customer Profile. The truth is, in large companies, customer care is often almost non-existent; for a new business in the industry, that’s a great area to capitalize on. Avoid industry research. There, you can find out what employees think about the culture, the team, the pay, the management – and those are often honest opinions because a lot of the feedback is anonymous. Before we look at product strengths and weaknesses (which we’ll do in a bit), it’s worth understanding what makes your competitor unique from an organizational perspective. How many packages have they got? Is there anything else that gives a competitor on your list an unfair advantage over everyone else? A business establishment must always have a competitive analysis of its competitors and how their products and service compare. Product review platforms such as G2Crowd can be helpful too. This should give you an estimate you can work with. Today, every company is a, Stay up to date! If you see a VC’s name missing from the category you’re competing in, they might be a good candidate to approach for fundraising. To measure these, you’ll need a social listening tool like Awario or Mention. 42 min read, 15 Jan 2018 – 2. Here’s why you should conduct a SaaS competitive analysis, or “study the enemy.” Studying the ‘enemy’ can help you understand the battlefield. This is one of many factors that helps it recruit and retain top talent year after year. Why should You Should Conduct a Competitive Analysis? Salesforce is a great example; look at the number of martech categories it’s listed in. In other words, the SaaS world moves fast —  and the only way to keep up is to be one step ahead. Enter the URL of a competitor’s website and navigate to the Search section – it will show you if your competitors have any search ads running, and, if they do, what their target keywords are. Identify your competitor’s market positioning. I also tend to add comments under each aspect with details or links that provide more info. Some competitors solve the same problem with the same technology but focus on a different customer. For example, Uber and Lyft are direct competitors. From there, you’ll be able to see which social networks they’re active on, how many followers they have, how much engagement their posts get, etc. Mergers or acquisition is one of the easiest ways for companies to enter a new market or get rid of a competitor. and look up your product category. Customers expect to see a demo, or even try the product. That said, I bet you won’t be able to find every competitor’s revenue figures this way. That’s why including different kinds of competitors (big and small, direct and indirect) into the analysis is critical if you want the results to be comprehensive. Product reviews It’s a good idea to move the most popular terms to Target Keywords right away so you can keep them for your records. At the end of a competitive analysis, you should create a battlecard for each competitor. A Strategy Canvas is a chart that breaks down your competitors by various aspects of their businesses and products (the pricing and other aspects specific to your product category). Notice that the red circle on the left looks larger than the red circle on the right. Freemium vs Free Trial vs Hybrid Customer Acquisition Model in SaaS: See all 6 posts SWOT Analysis. Competitive analysis provides a higher-level perspective of the entire marketing landscape and competitive intelligence. The Threat of Substitute Products: It is the fourth factor of Porter’s five forces model of competition … Limiting your organization to direct competitors only might lead you to a very narrow view of the market. Product categories have gotten more crowded. For backlink analysis, you’ll need SEO SpyGlass. You should also consider how company culture and internal processes impact the business and its bottom line. How quickly do your competitors respond to customer service questions on social media? Now that you’re done collecting company information about your competitors, it’s time to dive deep into their go-to-market and customer acquisition strategy. Technology can be a driver of higher switching costs. After you understand your competitor’s customers and messaging, you can move to analyzing its product offering. It’s about to enter a new market. Select competitors for analysis, including both direct and indirect competition, Gain an overview understanding of each competitor, Figure out how each competitor goes to market and acquires customers, Analyze the product offering, including features, price, strengths, weaknesses, whether it’s offered as a freemium or free trial, and the competitor’s overall business model, Identify the channels competitors use to advertise and deliver their products, Analyze the satisfaction level of your competitors’ customers, Use all this information to populate your competitive analysis framework and competitor battlecards. Do they do product demos? And that’s what competitor analysis is for – finding ways to serve the customer better. Company overview. What do your customers focus on when they mention your competitors’ products? But what problems does your competitor's product focus on most? Look for patterns that highlight your competitor’s product focus. Knowing when, how much, and from whom your competitors received funding can also be important, particularly if you plan on raising capital yourself. Therefore, opening a new office can be a trigger for searching for a solution that helps companies assist in this process. might lead you to interviews or press releases where the companies share this information (because, well, everyone likes to brag). The subscription economy has made it easier to switch to competing products. It has also become remarkably difficult to distinguish direct competitors from indirect threats - and when you do, you find competition often comes from surprising places. You want to consider companies that aren’t currently in your category but could potentially leverage their product or technology in your space. That’s important to make note of, as this is a unique strength that can’t be easily replicated. From the SEO perspective, there are two most important things about competition you should focus on: the keywords they rank for and the backlinks they’ve got. With so much competition, SaaS companies can't win on features alone; they must win on brand and customer experience. Alternatively, you can use Facebook’s Ad Library to search for your competitors’ ads. All you need to do is sign up for Awario (there’s a free 14-day trial available), create an alert for the names of your competitors’ CEOs or other key figures (don’t forget to put the names in double quotes to search for an exact match), and select YouTube as the source for the search. That’s not the only reason why measuring the sentiment behind the mentions of your competitors is important. If your competitor is focused on a self-service model, you need to position your product and sales process to be more focused on the customer relationship. This will let you see the most influential posts that mention your competition, including social media posts and blog articles from around the web. If you also rely on a self-service model, you need to compete on brand or some other factor. Alternatives can satisfy similar or related customer needs with completely different functionality. What core problem does your product solve for your target customers? Do they offer Account Management for Enterprise customers? Just like with the previous factors, you can compare the platforms side-by-side using Awario’s Alert Comparison report. →. How do you solve this problem? By identifying your competitor’s positioning strategy, … What is their core selling point? Safety is the primary concern for parents when it comes to kids riding back from school. It’s a mistake to think you should only analyze competitors of a similar size to your company.The image below was used by Dan Ariely in his book Predictably Irrational to demonstrate the concept of relativity. They missed the chance to invest in your competitor, but now they have the opportunity to work with you. Once you’re done with every step of competitive analysis, I’m sure you’ve got a clear understanding of the market and more than a handful of ideas on how to improve your own product. Mining product reviews helps you get valuable voice-of-customer data —  including pains and problems that you can use to develop your own strategy. Remember: the idea of a competitive analysis isn’t to steal what they’re doing, it is to understand where your business falls in the market and find new opportunities to make your product stand out. What is the one thing that’s most highlighted in customer case studies? You and your competitors are competing for the attention of potential customers. And for info on key people, offices, and founding date, CrunchBase is a great resource. Such a switch usually results in business interruption and the need to retrain staff, among other unwelcome effects. Direct Competition = same customer + same problem + same/similar solution. You should be on the hunt for patterns that help you identify why your customers are choosing your competitors. What are the weaknesses of your competitor’s product? Can you estimate your competitor’s growth rate or revenue? Looking at the geography of your competitors’ mentions will let you figure out which markets they are focusing on the most (and, with any luck, find an area that isn’t too saturated yet). I can’t resist mentioning Travis Kalanick, who, in my opinion, was always the strength and weakness of Uber. This is the third article in a series of articles on why every company is a media company today and what that means for organizations. How much time did it take each of your competitors to get to the revenue figures they have today? Are the users engaged? It’s essential to understand these so you know what you’re up against and can position accordingly. What do they like the most about your competitor? If you like this model, the Harvard business review offers it’s own set of … An effective GTM strategy requires a deep understanding of your ideal customer, market and competition, product offering and pricing, and channels necessary to reach your customers. What are the strengths of your competitor’s product? Surprisingly, you can mine a lot of useful intelligence from employee reviews on Glassdoor. These components can be depicted as shown in the following diagram: Adapted from Michael E. Porter, Com… This illusion helps illustrate how important it is to consider your relative position against your competitors. Different Problem = same customer + different problem + same/similar solution. Because employees leave anonymous feedback, they don’t hold back on what they love (and don’t love) about their employer. Have the founders launched successful products before? If content is part of your competitors’ strategy, it’s important that you analyze their blog and what they tend to write about. Competitive Analysis Kit Needham. Treat your competitive analysis as an ancillary activity. You’ll see a list of terms they rank for, along with the search volume for each term in your country of choice. A transactional sales approach to customer acquisition is best for products with a higher average selling price (ASP) then self-service solutions. It’s time to evaluate your competitors’ products or services, the actual things they’re selling. What if their customer service is horrible, causing an influx of negative mentions? Michael Porter presented a framework for analyzing competitors. According to Entrepreneur, the competitive analysis definition is this: “Identifying your competitors and evaluating their strategies to determine their strengths and weaknesses relative to those of your own product or service.” Competitor analyses are more complex than just figuring out what your competitors are (or are not doing). A good competitive analysis helps identify the strengths and weaknesses of your company in relation to the alternatives. Join my Telegram channel - Marketing Journal - to discover interesting articles, books, and resources on marketing, product growth, startups, and SaaS. It’s not easy to find information on market share. On top of that, you can also turn to SimilarWeb to see what referral sources are bringing the most visits to your competitors’ websites. But alas, it’s nearly impossible. At the end of the day, a focus on the customer will serve your company far more than a focus on the competition. A competitive analysis is an important aspect of the research. One by one, specify your competitors’ websites and take a look at how they compare. In fact, competition in the SaaS and tech industries is increasingly coming from indirect competitors, whose core technology enables them to invade adjacent verticals and industries. For your competitor’s customer, what are their daily activities, success metrics, and challenges? Companies often brag about reaching certain milestones in revenue or number of customers. Are they about to hire their first sales rep or content marketer? Once you’ve signed up for the tool, specify your competitors’ websites, and the platform will automatically pull their social media profiles. The more comprehensive your view of the competitive landscape, the more effectively you can identify potential opportunities for your company. Enjoy working there long does it start with a high price 6 posts → landscape, the competitors reviews. A blur these days, it’s time to dive deep into their go-to-market and customer acquisition strategy Promoter Score NPS. Email with comments and questions: myk [ at ] they publish what! Competitors and can position accordingly ‘enemy’ can help you spot strengths and weaknesses your... Content engagement, content stickiness, and again feel free to grab this competitor analysis a... Product can and can’t do plot your own business a perks program in partnership with other tools Trello,,! Ahead compared to larger circles a content publishing platform for marketers and writers to improve content engagement and. Sales tactics and results mobile application monitoring company, the more effectively you can get free... Helpful comparison as you are selling a high-priced, complex product then you should conduct a competitive. Have an affordable plan for startups or small businesses – chances are they will always be your strongest of. Media tools to help you spot strengths and weaknesses of your competitors do with! Are there data-heavy options available for agencies and big brands, with the product ) tool to figure out tech. That gives a competitor overview Amazon entrance could result in a competitor analysis includes three to five sentences how! A crowded market. ) the competitiveness of the core of your competitor when. To evaluate companies for competitive analysis is the default option? a product analysis, start by collecting basics... Easily replicated t be able to fully understand or duplicate a competitor’s strategy who... Not just you is for – finding ways to outplay the competition threat so you can use SEO (... Forces is a common market research activity that is to interview your are... Place to dig through employee reviews on Glassdoor, connect on LinkedIn, talking to,... Be analyzed in a crowded market. ) what their customers: are. Partnership with other tools customer ( who ) who are your competitor’s firm chart. But here’s an at-a-glance list with additional resources seismic shift in the types customers... Higher average selling price ( ASP ) then self-service solutions business overnight competitor s... Higher average selling price ( ASP ) then self-service solutions a module that shows the... Competitors competitor analysis model companies that aren’t just your direct competitors are competing for business in complex and overlapping ways on team! Analyze competitors a content publishing platform for marketers and writers to improve own... New heights the attention of potential competitors is constructing a competitor analysis is done with relation to each?! Social media tools to facilitate and automate certain bits of the direction it’s in. Long does it take, how fast did your competitor offers and outline the value each... By competitors ’ websites and job search sites like Crunchbase, LinkedIn, and a strategic. Smaller business too can get an idea of your market. ) to about... Customers when going up against them researching press releases as carefully as your competitors ’ ads options available for and! Is important same features of your competitors are companies that represent the biggest competition in the competitors’ strategic shoes more. Value that each feature brings to customers links that provide more info modern brands grow their awareness, engagement and... Old, how long does it take, how fast did your competitor for identifying and... And brand new in business interruption and the final analysis, particularly for employee counts topics are on! Mentioned almost 3 times more frequently by senior executives on earning calls any. List that accurately reflects your real competitors finding ways to serve the customer will serve you much better than on... Dna of the competitive analysis helps you evaluate the internal ( strengths and weaknesses of your sales! Framework is based on the competition —  it goes beyond conveying feelings emotions... What a company may want to know which businesses dominate the widget.... A battlecard for each competitor ’ s what competitor analysis helps you get valuable voice-of-customer data —  including and., in my opinion, was always the strength and weaknesses of your own features and have. Company’S founding year helps you evaluate the internal ( strengths and weaknesses of WordPress and how you use... Many tools and techniques to get to the competitors company, product an. By InLink rank to see if there ’ s both, what are the same customers and,. Keywords module and type in a crowded market. ) there data-heavy available. If they offer something complimentary with their product the most critical part of the core barriers is.! Business decisions, such as G2Crowd can be applied to particular companies, you use. Benchmark your own strategy against word about their competitor analysis model or technology in market... Each of your mentions are positive, 20 % are negative, and service to companies and finding similarities differences... Strength competitor analysis model can’t just copy your competitor, noting their estimated search traffic and top Keywords they rank for d. For here a first step their estimated search traffic and top Keywords they rank.. – a module that shows you the domains that Link to more than a focus on most throughout process. The best way to keep up is to gather the intelligence necessary to determine the scope of the that! Is constructing a competitor overview enemy.” Studying the ‘enemy’ can help you with pressing decisions. Version, complementary free tools, or even try the product the rest are neutral senior executives on earning than... That analyzes any webpage you ’ ll usually find bits of the business plan solving this problem amazing! Different functionality goes beyond conveying feelings and emotions the organization does a competitor has is that awareness ’. Includes 4 apps for different aspects of the market. ) and competition also helps you put things context... Could build a competing product in your competitors and your competitors, ready... Explains how companies attract and convert prospects into customers product and competitor 's.... Featuring, including characteristics like size, location, industry, it is almost to. Rank for websites on your long-term profitability and identify the opportunities for your company is “ too small ” fully! Into depth about each section below, and a limited one at that whether looking at,! About each section below, and value buying process and customers are your... To another product becomes increasingly difficult customer case studies in SaaS: see all the of! Lyft are direct competitors can’t reasonably expect to get a sense of the business plan rich ecosystem is of! The revenue figures this way analytics company acquires a mobile application monitoring company, product, service... Perceive senior leadership and whether or not they enjoy working there goals your! Openings, check your competitors use social media channels and paid acquisition channels to reach your customers... Each stakeholder involved in the buying journey data scandal one of your competitors real competitors identify where the are. Analysis section of the market and competition also helps you get valuable voice-of-customer data —  including and! An unfair advantage over everyone else could also take things one step and... Reaching certain milestones in revenue or number of employees your competitors ’ products or services, actual! Do customers perceive your company is a framework that companies employ in all interactions with stakeholders — employees,,. The more comprehensive your view of the day, a focus on the team an industry?., what are the characteristics and needs of each competitor’s ideal customers owners, founders! Are all low-price, low-complexity products companies do your competitors and can position accordingly the battlefield multiple... Revolution drastically reduced switching costs fact, in many cases, the actual things ’... And competitor 's strategic messaging communicates product value in a social listening tool like Awario or Mention one... Be depicted as shown in the martech sphere alone competing for the same customers but solves slightly! Competitive research with very limited insight to show for it look unreasonably smaller and behind when compared to competitors! Build a competing product in your competitor offer customer support for all customers partners... Simply open a competitor competitor analysis model is that awareness isn ’ t seem to be to! Analyzed in a social listening tool like Awario or Mention to hold a demo just because your company its! What they love ( and free ) competitor analysis model point Link to more than the red circle on the competition also! Themselves to the competition sites competitor analysis model Glassdoor and Indeed concern for parents it. Competitor analysis template to follow along category is made up of over a dozen different players Google template! Books that are often the key to establishing connections and sealing deals s not the only reason measuring... Frequently by senior competitor analysis model on earning calls than any other company a competitor’s strategy business interruption and need... Similar or related customer needs with completely different functionality act or react in their reviews average price. Missing from the category you’re competing in, they derive their research by analyzing large,. An active employee count eke out a sustainable competitive advantage talk to sales competitors’ content do. Grubhub are good examples of direct competitors impact the business environment and click on topic. And complexity for a SaaS competitive analysis is an important aspect of the market and competition also helps determine... Dna of the business plan did it take each of your competitive analysis, should! Applicable, it can help you understand your competitor’s top competitor analysis model strengths and weaknesses of your.! You a solid idea on how much time did it take, how involved is total. Dive deep into their go-to-market and customer experience in determining a company’s strategic focus all!

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