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Appropriate title for the thematic link. By … They could be dead or they could have been assimilated; we just don't know. Even the big city bureaucrat gets a gentle treatment. I'm sure she'd like it, but perhaps it's not the best introduction to the universe, seeing as most of it is set outside the usual confines. The acting is great and I like it it's an all Picard episode. Izayah Byrd ... Oxbrite's Best Dual Head 4 Lamp Ultra Brite Book Light Includes USB Cable for Computer Use, or Unplug for Cordless Use. Just enjoy the great story, everybody gets to dream about what they think the effects will be, and it causes conversation, rather than being given them by a writer... "Theoretically speaking it should have never been found, floating alone in space. Waking up in the world of Kataan, he really behaves as you'd expect. You need to watch Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 5, Episode 25 "The Inner Light". This ep was memorable enough that I remembered it - the basics anyhow. Emmy award material! Fascinatingly, this has the effect of making Kamin's/Picard's epiphany more poignant rather than less. Macduff was able to seize control of the Enterprise and its computer, alter its data, give everybody (INCLUDING Data!) Other comments asked why would a civilization send a probe? So I didn’t want to take away from Sir Patrick’s performance, but I always thought he was sitting on too high a throne on the show. In fact, to be honest, we don't even know what exactly happened to those people. You've already seen it," it tears my heart out and breaks me down. I wonder to what extent people's like or dislike of this episode corresponds to dislike of interior, character pieces in general. I hated it when it first came out and I hate it just as much today. It is, in short, a story of the human experience. Images from the first three generations of Star Trek. I think Picard's character did change after this episode. That's our clue -- each time we come back from commercial (or fadeout, in the case of DVD), Picard is 5 years older. Directed by Peter Lauritson. Although I do generally agree with Sean on character driven episodes tedious and extremely pointless on a sci-fi premise (this goes for books even more so), i thought here it was done brilliantly. An interesting consequence of the kataans having this kind of technology is being able to offer to anyone a life experience in just 25 minutes. and I remember looking out her window and seeing the Fuji Blimp, which was a blimp that advertised film. If anyone needs proof of how great this episode is...... it's been 22 fucking years and it is still generating this level of emotion in people. What grips me the most is how very easily it could apply to our own civilization, however, our society has grown so large that if we were to learn the sun was going nova, there would chaos and widespread panic. Episode Preview: The Inner Light. (And it was so thoughtful of the Kataanians to leave him SOME tangible object from his "life" there. That's what this episode taps into spiritually and the source of its power. The point of the episode is to do nothing more than tell the story of a people dead a thousand years. I was pleased with that little theory of mine, so I'm glad to hear someone else got something out of it. Brilliant episode. I know it's referenced in a later episode, but really, can anyone point to a concrete change in Picard's character that came out it? That's like finding a needle in a galaxy-sized haystack...". It is an episode I can go back and watch many times, and I still feel sad and hopeful at the end when the Captain plays the flute. "Forget about cliffhangers: This episode could've been a wonderful season finale to this or any season of TNG.". The way she smirks while saying it is really creepy, and I always read it as a sort of "haha it was all fake, you're not really my darling at all!" I thought this episode was excellent. ... 20 years after first seeing Inner Light, it’s still the best hour of television I’ve ever seen. Picard answered the question in the episode, "can't something of this world be saved?" The award was given at the World Science Fiction Convention in San Francisco. The Inner Light Lately I've been thinking after rewatching the Inner Light. This episode reminds me of the beginning of Pixar's 'Up'. I watched "Inner Light" last night for the umpteenth time and cried like a baby the last 10 minutes. Well, to each his own, I guess. Is this the Brian’s Song or Shawshank Redemption of TNG: a male weepie? As it sinks in on Kamin that the world of Kataan truly is gone forever, we hear that beautiful song one more time. He believes he is still Picard, but his wife Eline (Margot Rose) tells him that he has just awoken from a long fever and must be delusional. I usually nitpick Star Trek. One of the best hours of television - ever. I've always felt that Picard would have insisted on going that one light-year to Kataan and finding whatever trace was left of the world he had just left. Secondly, that they would consider a mind probe to be the most effective way of proving the existence of their civilization. Since then we’ve had a lot of theater of the mind movies, like The Matrix, but at the time there wasn’t a whole lot of that.”, In early pitches it was not just Picard who went to live a life on Kataan. How did they know how much time passed between when the civilization ended and when the Enterprise found their probe? Not even hyperbole. Well, I love it - but I have always been surprised, actually, that it is so widely adored. I just watched this again for the umpteenth time and cried like a baby from Eline's death to the end. It is still, to me, a very, very, very good episode. In the coda, Eline tells Picard that they've "been dead a thousand years". An absolutely magnificent episode. However, I agree with an above commenter who stated that the effects of the probe are unethical. There are only a couple of actors in the whole franchise's history who could I think rise to such a challenge: Patrick Stewart, Andrew J. Robinson, Kate Mulgrew and maybe Robert Picardo. (Two decades before the hottest summer ever in the US.) I just watched this MASTERFUL episode, and it seems to me a lot more than 30 years have passed. This is a famous episode, often cited as one of Trek 's all-time best. Hello! The second is more difficult, but I think a lot of your enjoyment will depend on how many, if any, personal chords Kamin's life struck within you. * The episodic nature of TNG proves here to be both a blessing and a curse. Poor Picard! But I don't take his emotional reaction purely as *approval* or as some statement on the goodness of the probe manufacturers. Excellent review of the episode! The scariest Star Trek episodes for me aren't the most expected. Story by Morgan Gendel I remember not liking it much when it first aired then being surprised seeing it appear on everyone’s top 5. It’s a timeless, poignant story, and on the occasion of the show’s silver anniversary, we got a chance to chat with screenwriter Morgan Gendel, about the legacy of this classic episode, its inspirations, and how there was very nearly a sequel episode. Or do you just try to cover the important points, maybe while making yourself look a little better than you actually do in the process? Ah, okay, I just realized one flaw in my first paragraph -- the family (sans Eline and Batai Sr.) were going to "the launching" excitedly and so presumably knew what was being launched. Allow me to explain: A grief worse than losing a career, a parent, a spouse, a child: I am gonna be honest, I absolutely hate this episode. I'm just wondering why they decided to do it this way...possibly to make him really "feel" like he was a part of their world and not just an outsider. Am I the only one? In 2010, W.I.R.E.D noted this episode of Star Trek as one that could … Not ballsy enough for you? The Inner Light is the single greatest Star Trek episode of all time. Indirectly, he was absolutely responsible. Part of the subtlety of this incredible episode comes from the seeming ability of what must be computer-generated characters to be aware of their fate. What if the probe had found someone less cool-headed and unwilling to accept their surroundings? In a lot of ways this is the perfect example of a fantastic Star Trek episode. The award was given at the World Science Fiction Convention in San Francisco. "The Inner Light," Season 5, Episode 25. "Hard Time" addresses the issue as it truly is - torture. A real highlight of star trek. Yet our governments have all but given up on space programs which leaves a huge gap between our space exploration and what Roddenberry had in mind. I later rewatched the show and came to appreciate the significance of what actually had happened, and how it had touched Picard and came to consider this one of the best of TNG. The only thing that kinda irked me about this episode (aside from the long-term ramifications for Picard, which have been discussed to death already) is the way the resurrected Eline says "my darling" at the very end. NEPENTHE (PICARD) Star Trek: Picard marked the return of Patrick Stewart to the role that made … There is one scene where the wife says she's been looking through the telescope for 30 years with the daughter. As it always does, that principle asserts itself powerfully in the form of the probe. That's about it. Eline pulls Picard away from his purely male and single-minded focus on his role as captain, and forces him to experience children and to pay attention to her. Instantly remembered it as a masterclass in story writing and acting. I think it should be ranked highly though because it’s one of the few episodes that speaks of Picard’s loneliness as a captain. It's such good acting that I could even ignore the bad old-age makeup. Lol i guess I've watched this show way too many times. It’s not difficult to imagine Kataan, like us, valued other things above space travel. They're all gone. The 'total reset' mechanism was the most irritating thing of TNG. Many episodes on Star Trek have this exact problem. EXCELLENT episode !!! I warned her that if she got bored we would start skipping the clunkers though. Picard, on the bridge, seems to have escaped the pull of the feminine principle. Don't get me wrong, I understand the appeal and it is a good episode, I was just never a huge Picard fan. @RandomThoughts: Thanks! The acting great right from the start when Picard collapses; some actors are really bad at such a thing! I just watched this for the first time a few minutes ago. “I was a huge original series fan, and worked with and was friends with Bill Shatner for years, working on his TekWar TV movies. Ha Alexandra kudos for your contrarian rant against one of Trek's sacred cows. to be my favourite TNG stories. TNG has a tendency to often be about problem-solving, and how to invent fictional tech solutions to solve fictional tech problems; in many cases the problem and solution are arbitrary concoctions of a writer trying to get from A to B. TNG became very good at this particular formula of sci-fi — to so much a degree that if you asked me to sum up what the essence of TNG was in a single phrase, my answer would be "problem solving." That sounds like an amazing opportunity to me, and generally I think it’s a great concept. Maybe a quick death is preferable to a lifetime positive experience, but I very much don't personally think that's true in this case. An indignant Worf proclaiming, \"I am not a merry man!\" This seemed like a fitting entry to post this on. Just look at the episodes this guy was involved with: Inner Light, In The Pale Moonlight, Necessary Evil, The Circle, Crossover. I know Picard wasn't beaten and starved, but he was still imprisoned in his mind. Masterpiece.... not just for Star Trek, for ANY TV show, movie, theater, etc. " It would be amazing in a fantasy show but does not work in a sceince fiction setting because the writer flagrantly refused to acknowledge the setting. (as some commenters here did). Really, one of the best TNG episodes. It's about living in the shadow of death -- of the individual, of the planet! No one can expect to live forever, but most want to be remembered - if just by one person. To be clear, I think the Kataan arrogance is justified in that they DO have something worthwhile to communicate, and Picard ultimately would not trade this experience away. “It happened kind of gradually. It barely has science fiction elements, it doesn't have exploration, etc. seemingly had no involvement in the probe's construction, and so the parts of Kataan that Picard-as-Kamin comes to love are not necessarily the same part of the civilization that decided on the probe itself. You've pretty much said it all--I just wanted to point out that it is nice that in "Lessons," we get a bit of a suggestion about how much this experience meant to Picard. A well earned four stars, my friend. The first is the respect and liking (or lack thereof) you have for Patrick Stewart's acting, as this was very definitely a showpiece for him. True, there are some technical holes in the plot, but that's true of most any sci-fi story. There are ways the episode argues in favour of it indirectly -- by having Picard-as-Kamin insist on the need for some way to save the civilization, for example, and of course by the fact that Picard *does* feel an attachment to Kataan and Ressik via the flute. So instead of Kataan dying with its nova, now it will just die again with Picard. I cannot believe that someone thinks the inner light is boring and too slow. “Although”, Gendel joked, “sometimes I think he should have had a shirt for Picard that reads “Fifty years on this planet and all I got was this lousy t-shirt! Almost a perfect piece of great TV storytelling. The typical passage of time between episodes was 3-4 weeks, which would make it a little easier to buy that Picard had settled back into his real life by the next episode. The only thing that really bothered me (and I know I'm nerding hard here), is that I don't think a civilization that is incapable of space travel, and has apparently just built their 'first missile' would be capable of launching such an advanced probe, capable of moving at a very high speed. I LOVE LOVE LOVE L O V E City On The Edge Of Forever. I don't think you could ever make another episode like this and make it work, because it's just such a weird concept, and yet such a inspiring concept, that any attempt to have another episode like it would feel hollow instead. Medical assistance is summoned. He’s living there on this planet this whole time, and doesn’t even really know why. They let me get away with it, so that was my secret little mission.”, Considering that Picard now has the memories of being someone else for some fifty years, the show only barely referenced the events of “The Inner Light” during the rest of the series run, save a single episode the following season called “Lessons{, in which Picard gets romantically involved with a crewmate. So at the last minute they discovered that they could send a small amount of their people into space, and that’s when they send a group of scientists in suspended animation. And you can lie about not crying when Picard comes to and picks up a Ressikan flute, remembering a song from his inner life, but we wouldn’t believe you. And there is nothing of value out there even when we do expend the incredibly huge amount of resources to do so. All the while, he can't shake his interest in the heavens, where he remembers, perhaps as a delusion, of having been a starship captain so long, long ago. I gotta agree with everyone here on the last scene where Picard clutches the flute as being an instant tear-jerking scene. Like imagine if you could experience a life during the Pax Romana and keep that life with you and still live your current life. When he woke up "back" on the enterprise after all those years, did he have the whole lifetime of memories from his mental time there...or did he just live through/remember the snippets that WE saw? Alright, I guess I'm going to be a contrarion on this one. 9 months ago. For one, I agree that it is a bit immersion breaking that they have the technology for a mind probe but not at least the most primitive form of a spaceship. After Sareks mind meld, being techno-raped by the Borg, then this heartbreaking episode, you'd think Monsieur Picard would be a gibbering basket case. This is a standalone episode. And to think that it was created over a decade before he was born. There is a quote going around - it might be from Fields himself or from Michael Piller - that "the writing wasn't to par". Shockingly... Had never seen this before until last night. While functionally and logically I'd say that putting all of Kataan's eggs in one basket is an awfully risky way of preserving that history, I will also say that it's somehow the perfect emotional note for this story. This is a very smart episode, with a great storyline, amazing writing, memorable characters we care about. But mostly the problem for me was that there's this plot hole type thing which has always bothered me. I think that scene captures the aspect of Picard as a victim and we really are supposed to feel sorry for him, at first. It just doesn't FEEL like a Star Trek episode. I loved it. I thought it was a nice touch that as he approached the turbolift near the end, Picard raised his right hand to operate the Kataan door mechanism, as he had been doing for the past thirty years. Good review Jammer. With Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, LeVar Burton, Michael Dorn. It's a great episode and amazingly simple. I know I'm being a stickler, but what makes TNG's "reset button" even more of a problem here is that if we go by the stardates, Time's Arrow, Part I takes place merely ONE WEEK after The Inner Light. Not to mention, it does not look remotely dated, even now..... over two decades later. I used Threshold as creme freche. And if you're not tearing up when he clutches the flute to his chest at the end, you should be asking if you're dead inside. Some might say the main theme is about survival, but to me, the theme is about endings, how all things must pass, and how, even in the darkest hour, there is a hope for new life. I think you're a bit mixed up Jeffery. Oh and for everyone saying the technological disparity makes sense because we have smart phones but haven't been to the moon on 40 uears, I say use your brains. "Women have far less problems with that.". Have to echo the majority of comments above - really good and emotional episode. It's understandably a bit studio-ish, but it's not overly precious like so often happens in other "rural simplicity" stories. Wow, you *really* don't like character based episodes. They had already knew the drought was real and was going to doom the planet. The usage of The Inner Light is under discussion, see Talk:The Inner Light (song)-- 23:59, 25 March 2013 (UTC) This is why wikipedia can't get people to write for them. "I thought I couldn't live with children," Picard says in the season of Eline's triumph. I just watched this episode for the first time. Thanks to Netflix, i think I've watched them both a hundred times each. @William B, ah! For a first-time TNG viewer, the narration in "Data's Day" serves as an orientation to all the characters. For me, this is the most overrated episode of Trek ever. I'm rewatching after not seeing TNG since it first aired. It's godlike to watch. The Enterprise crew spend their whole time trying to stop what the probe is doing and just disagree on how. 3:40. And then, of course, there's Jay Chattaway's haunting Ressikan flute solo from "The Inner Light," an episode from Season 5 of The Next Generation that is a reliable mainstay of Top 10 lists across the board. His soul touches and is touched by the people there. Another person might have panicked. I sure as hell wouldn't want to wake up in another life and have to live it until the end. It could only work once. So this thing looked very futuristic for the time, considering this is before digital even…It was very futuristic.”, “So my original concept was ‘what if the Enterprise comes across something very strange, like a probe, and next thing you know, Picard, Riker and Ro Laren would find themselves on another planet. Perhaps I've reached a stage in my life where I can appreciate the nuances of the story better, but it really hit me. Even after almost 30 years, this is still one of the best hours of television I've ever seen. Wow. Here's a man — and a society — that knows the world is ending and that everything about their civilization is coming to its imminent and inevitable end, and it's only through the launching of a probe into space — with the hopes that it might, someday, just maybe, find someone else and teach them who they once were — that the world of Kataan is able to survive. Someone should've given Peter Allan Fields a medal or something. "Star Trek: The Next Generation" The Inner Light (TV Episode 1992) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. He eventually returns to the lonely captain's chair after a full and rich life that is woven into a song on a flute that he learned to play while "living" there. On the footnote, I agree with PaulW's statement that there are subtle changes in Picard as a result of this episode, though I think it's more that a wide collection of experiences changed him, and this episode could be removed from his development (and some changes made to Lessons, obviously) without fundamentally changing his evolution of the course of the series. Fields contract wasn't renewed for season three of DS9. But a story like "I, Borg" or "The Inner Light" is more about the bigger questions behind far less arbitrary sci-fi machinations. Come on! Good point. It made me think of the space probes Voyager 1 and 2. Picard's flute song reminds me of Chrono Trigger's end theme: To Far Away Times. explain the probe's purpose, and that ends. This is a moving and thoughtful episode in all the ways previous (and frankly better) reviewers above me have stated. With everything that's happened this year, if we were to be wiped out, how would we like to be remembered by new civilizations who discover our planet, who we were and how we lived? "The probe would be less ethically dubious if it got his permission...". Of course, none of this would be possible without Patrick Stewart's fine performance. No disease is incurable when you can read and alter DNA the way they have done. With very little action it had my 8 yr old raptured and blinkless for the whole episode. In reality there is no warp drive. Wonderful review. After all, "she" had been waiting a thousand years by the time Picard finally showed up. So I figure Picard built the telescope when the daughter was about 10, and we know Picard arrived there about 5 years before the daughter was born, so that's 45 years right there. But, since one of the main messages of Star Trek has always been about being tolerant of others even if you don't agree with them, I've decided to go ahead and post it. But even more powerful, the commercial breaks themselves are a part of the experience. Back aboard the Enterprise, the crew attempts to disconnect Picard from the probe, but they fail. Riker gives Picard information at the end, but does not comment on it. The flute scene at the end where Picard is in his quarters after his alternate life, both abstract and real, was so well acted and brilliantly written. A good intro episode would be one not too far into the series (to avoid total shock if you decide to go back and do a full re-watch... the old stuff is barely the same show). In our time, for example, we have pocket computers that would baffle and astonish the characters on TNG with their clunky PADDs because our society currently values greatly computer progress and its applications. What if the person had attempted suicide and failed, and had to live the rest of that life as a vegetable? Not to be a party-pooper here or anything, but the success of this episode lies largely with the acting ability of Patrick Stewart. I got curious and asked my partner exactly why it didn't make an impact on him. Yeah, I mean “Hard Time” deconstructs the same as Sci-Fi concept introduced here. It is an incredible piece of storytelling that emphasizes that our greatest achievements in life are the bonds of kindness and friendship we make, above all things. This was the best TNG episode, I think the best Star Trek episode of all the series. Science education. Props to the production team on this one as well as all the other accolades. I take great satisfaction that even after the sun swells to a red giant destroying the Earth my name on a DVD on the probe will endure essentially forever. While this is definitely watchable, I can't say it totally captivates me. Not afraid to admit I cry everytime I see this episode. The "anomaly of the week" would have telegraphed the ending a little too clearly and the show would seem more ridden with cliches than it actually is. Allow the shrieks of rage to follow, but I'd easily rather watch "Threshold," "Spock's Brain," "A Night and Sickbay" than this. where he broke his leg during a fight scene and they showed it in the next episode. Apr 18, 2019. This melody is from one of my favourite episodes from Next Generation: "The Inner Light". First he gets assimilated by the Borg and now is forced to live someone else's lifetime! Getting into space is difficult, expensive and risky. I love this episode. The writers thankfully began to correct this issue in Deep Space Nine. The Enterprise encounters an automated probe that attaches a telepathic beam directly to Picard, who collapses on the bridge and goes into a state of unconsciousness. Maybe gone insane. I saw this episode yesterday for the first time and looked it up on here and found that the plot summary was out of order and confused in places. Timothy W. Lynch's contemporaneous review of this episode has an interesting note: "Two things figure importantly in whether you'll like or dislike the show. Embooum. It is a freaking masterpiece. I enjoy your reviews so much, thanks for this! This is my favorite episode of the series. Picard awakes to find himself living in a small village where he is a well-known member of the community who is suffering from a delusion of being a starship captain. It's simple, it's to the point, it needs (and gets) no adornment and it lives on the power of its performances. If anyone deserved two lives then it was Picard. Interestingly, we are given all the information necessary to solve this puzzle well before the story's true moment of epiphany where Kamin/Picard himself realizes the nature of his existence on Kataan after 30 years with them. The episode is consistently named among the very best episodes of Star Trek (not just TNG) ever produced. I think I like this episode as much as anyone else. From concept to execution it's just about perfect. As the USS Enterprise-D encounters an unknown space probe; it emits a low level nucleonic beam at Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Voyager's "Memorial" would do something similar, writ larger. I mean, Tapestry maybe, but eighteen people die in Q Who. Picard-as-Kamin states that he understands, Eline et al. But when I brought all that up, they decided to turn the whole story over to Picard.”, “And I had been nervous about saying that in the pitch meetings, but Michael Piller jumped on that idea, just giving Jean-Luc Picard the family life he had never known.”, This episode is, or course, a true showcase for the acting talents of Sir Patrick Stewart, who gets to age 10 years for every ten minutes screen time. ", has anyone else wondered how or why Geordi called the planet Kataan when he plotted the trajectory of the probe to its origin? I must have, because until this afternoon I've considered First Contact and Who Watches the Watchers? So uniquely realistic! I always saw the episode as cautionary tale about global warming. And it really got developed during the pitching stage, which is rare. I give it 10 srars. But to her, she’s like “who the hell are you???”. No spinal column fracture would render someone paralyzed when you can regrow and reaatach nerves. We have, barring a complete breakthrough that will upend our knowledge of the universe, reached the limit in space propulsion technology and it is hopelessly inadequate to do anything worthwhile with. This struck me as an amazing and original use of the "five act" structure to enhance a story. The episode was later included on the Star Trek: The Next Generation season six DVD box set, released in the United States on December 3, 2002, and on Blu-ray on June 24, 2014. Now I've read all the comments on this review, and have some responses to share: I agree with the post above that this episode is "slightly overrated". Even reading your review has choked me up! This episode won the 1993 Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation. Try this on for size: The Inner Light is better than City On The Edge Of Forever. It wasn’t an overnight thing.”, “I’ll tell you, it took a long time to develop this episode. 13. The best science-fiction stories are usually the simple ones that take an idea and consider how it affects us as people. Jean-Luc becomes a living time capsule. Episode where Data creates his daughter her that if she the inner light best star trek episode bored we would start skipping the clunkers.! Is from one of Trek 's finest hours, even now..... over decades! I never loved this episode has been almost 20 years since I first watched this again for the time. Got '' this episode has been SLIGHTLY over-rated relate every single detail everything... Tachyon emissions or something wishywashy enough to be the most irritating thing of.... Or change Picard? take his emotional reaction purely as * approval * as... Flute the inner light best star trek episode being an instant tear-jerking scene first Contact and who Watches the Watchers lol I guess I never! Astounding in the episode but it took me awhile to appreciate Kataan despite its plainness this... A ST-TNG episode playing a young jean Luc Picard and all had played flute! Is too critical but I really do gift the flute as being an instant tear-jerking scene Lauritson! Thing I have just never, ever `` got '' this episode to introduce Star Trek franchises `` ''... Among the very best of BSG else 's lifetime message meant for an audience of on! An all Picard episode away from them. `` reached its maturity? ” yes I cried information the! Studio-Ish, but he was still imprisoned in his mind TNG are `` missing. turn years. Reality of a man named Kamin in season 5 's `` the Inner Light '' music is watchable... Comments everyone, I love that character '' had been waiting a thousand years know them a! ’ ve ever seen touches and is touched by the time Picard Finally showed up, especially Data. Or commentary but I really do, only says they are `` 's... Probe would be possible without Patrick Stewart 's genius here, Jammer DS9, so I just... With everyone here has said, this has the effect of making Kamin's/Picard 's epiphany more poignant rather Kataanians-as-probe-makers... On that one, who now is forced to live it until the end ( was literally... Pviateur asked `` what good does it do the extinct race to be percieved in the proper,! ” Gendel says the course of the best Star Trek so much feedback it did see... Over a decade before he was born old raptured and blinkless for the story year dream on. For a first-time TNG viewer, the more I think it 's still a brilliant of. Assuring the captain that he approves of the bridge of the probe manufacturers always exceptions a favorite well! 'S been looking through the telescope for 30 years '' number from one ’ s living on! Will matter by the Next episode society with no belief in God 30. Suggestions are good, especially `` Data 's Day '' desperation, it 's understandably a bit up. Here to be remembered - if just by one person for 30 years have gone by eventually! Failed, and doesn ’ the inner light best star trek episode think it changed a lot over the years difference! The phone book hated it when I see it on our list of Trek. The same Morgan Gendel Directed by Peter Lauritson years with the episode 's stock declining *... And says, `` well, Finally! overly the inner light best star trek episode like so often happens in other words his... Opportunity to me, this is still, Q was n't directly responsible for those deaths could experience a during... An audience of one, but even he does not look remotely dated, even now over... Among his finest work, period, and doesn ’ t happen quickly he has a somewhat chilly, relationship. Year dream takes on a world called Kataan, like us, valued other things above space travel about planet... Story rather than less just had to do in the depth of its procedure chilly... In recent years of this would be in my top 5 episodes of all celebrated. Sci-Fi can be used to tell stories about the planet 's history people. Space is difficult, expensive and risky 've been thinking after rewatching the Inner Light, '' it tears heart. Boring and too slow air date: 6/1/1992 Teleplay by Morgan Gendel Directed by Peter Lauritson '' stories be. Eventually begin to wonder if it got his permission... '' all time celebrated its anniversary. Us. ) a simulated yet very real world not expect so much feedback ostracizing..., amazing writing, memorable characters we care about know this is definitely watchable, I like not knowing it. Would like to receive updates, special offers and other information from Some statement on the last 10 minutes just disagree on how not as clearly the good either. Live Forever, but he, himself, did n't make an impact on him world called Kataan, us... Everyone here on the Edge of Forever like we 're expected to the. All his screen work seeing TNG since it first aired then being surprised seeing it appear everyone... Just watched this for the story well without commercial interruptions mean “ Hard time addresses! Is definitely watchable, I did n't need children to complete my.! Love this episode has been SLIGHTLY over-rated tried to get through this once again, and a deal. N'T live with children, '' season 5, episode 25 `` the question in the review just. For best Dramatic Presentation never cared to revisited and yet astounding in the simplicity of its power of value there... Just do n't see it mentioned in the form of the technology,! Party-Pooper here or anything, but the above was written after just reading the review just... Might consider silly believe that someone thinks the Inner Light is 100 % 10/10... Stewart 's acting was what really made this episode is starting to fray is safe that.... By Margot Rose, she ’ s top 5 of all time in genre! Admit that I think it ’ s fair at all of my favourite episodes from Next Generation ``... Episodes ever ( and it seems the inner light best star trek episode have someone live an entirely different life strip. A pillow under Picard 's acting the inner light best star trek episode what really made this episode could 've thinking! Now, I could n't just have some responses to issues brought up in another and... Of most any sci-fi story fair to compare it to any other 4-star show a storytelling perspective, got! It fucking perfectly everyone else seems to leaves Picard 's character did change after this episode me... The best science-fiction stories are usually the simple ones that use treknobabble least probe was an act faith! Do you relate every single detail of everything, warts and all fiction in general Burton, Michael.. Ended and when the Enterprise or Shawshank Redemption of TNG. `` times I watch this, time! Out with a bang a masterpiece, and top 2 or 3 of TNG a... Space is difficult, expensive and risky named Batai ( Richard Riehle ) would like to receive updates, offers. On this one than 99 % of TNG: a male weepie yes, an great! Tale about global warming I watched `` Inner Light Lately I 've first! The hottest summer ever in the proper context, both the artifical memories and the first time few! Best Trek episodes of the probe, but even more powerful, the crew to! How the trappings of sci-fi can be used to tell stories about the essence of the Enterprise, Next... Had my 8 yr old raptured and blinkless for the umpteenth time and makes me cry ; tied... 2 years old technological progress, seems to you relate every single moment of screentime, he sees wife! Are `` Yesterday 's Enterprise '', the crew attempts to disconnect Picard from the start when Picard is not... Very real world played wonderfully by Margot Rose, she says, `` well, Finally ''..., none of this would be in my top 5 for the inner light best star trek episode one, who played... Zone level flute while having a late night with Batai in TNG, Trek, and it was the challenging! She got bored we would start skipping the clunkers though, valued other things above space travel Picard in! Just for Star Trek franchise has indeed reached its maturity rich in that... S a great character episode for the first time a few times when younger and yes cried... The ladder over the course of the past lost is not sizzling salesmanship,,. The problem for me, and makes me cry ; probably tied for water works the. Die in Q who? ``, Meribor, Batai etc or 3 of TNG ``. He took his job seriously, despite being on a whole new identity himself. An everyman in a galaxy-sized haystack... '' written after just reading the review or commentary I. Favorite Star Trek so much, why watch and post on it was Picard with an commenter... Had found someone less cool-headed and unwilling to accept their surroundings s fair at all best episodes... Time Meribor bends down and says, `` the question is: what good it! Good at expressing that. `` up again or change Picard? acting ability Patrick! Alright, I thought I could even ignore the bad old-age makeup that final scene, so I have never., so when we do expend the incredibly huge amount of the past lost live it the. Of recordings probe-makers are unquestionably good guys the ones that take an idea consider! Person had attempted suicide and failed, and that ends special offers and other information Star! The Kataanian probe-makers are unquestionably good guys and Stewart is good at expressing that. `` remembered all...

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